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08-09-2005, 07:06 PM
Well i just read that the field is full for the Joss Tour Finale at Turning Stone casino in upstate NY. And what a field it is. Archer, Strickland, Feijen, Reyes, Bustamante, Sambajon, Wiseman, Souquet, McCready, McCreesh, Tucker, Parica, Basavich. This is just to name a few. maybe Mike from AZ will post the full list over here since i don't know how to do it. All i know is that it is going to be one heck of a tournament. Sad to see that New Yorkers Frankie Hernandez, Tony Robles and Mika Immonen won't be there. But i will be. I will be there on thirsday and again on Saturday. I hope some people from this board can make it. I'm sure a good time will be had by all in attendance. What the heck. where can you go and see this kind of talent with no admission charge..Totally free................mike

9 Ball Girl
08-10-2005, 07:46 AM
Here ya go:

Abraham, Ed
Adkins, Dee
Aiello, John
Allen, Ed
Allen, Michelle
Allen, Tim
Antonakos, Greg
Archer, Johnny
Bailey, Carl
Bartram, Chris
Basavich, Dan
Begey, Bob
Bowman, Peter
Boyle, Ed
Broxmeyer, Evan
Bustamante, Francisco
Cappotto, Richard
Carelli, Mike
Chin, Holden
Conte, Victor
Corr, Karen
Costello, Ian
Cote, Shayne
Crowe, Jerry
Cuillerier, Rodney
Cutler, Redgie
D'alfonso, Tom
Davenport, Kim
Davis, Mike
Dechaine, Mike
DeJohn, Brian
Desantis, Tom
Deuel, Corey
Dion, Eric
Dreidel, David
Dryden, Paul
Dunn, Mike
Dupuis, Joe
Feijen, Niels
Fernandez, Dave
Fiebiger, Mike
Filipek, Wint
Forsythe, Jim
Garrahan, Ted
Gokey, Fred
Goulding, Steve
Guimond, Kevin
Harriman, Dan
Harris, Frank
Hatch, Dennis
Hewitt, Dan
Hurley, Mike
Keith, Mike
Kelly, Julie
Kennedy, Jeff
Kerner, Ken
Ketz, Kevin
Kolacz, Dan
Kolesnik, Sam
Korsiak, Joe
Kravetz, Rich
Labonte, Randy
Lapena, Al
Leal, Chris
Lebron, Mike
Lemay, Dave
Lewis, Bob
Lillis, Steve
Lombardo, Carmen
Lord, George
Lucius, Paul
Lynch, Chris
Madenjian, Bob
Maidhof, Robert
Massey, Mike
Matarazzo, Charles
Matarazzo, Richard
McCready, Keith
McCreesh, Ryan
McGonagle, Tom
McNamara, Ray
Meuse, Joe
Michas, Jason
Minichello, Mike
Nguyen, Vu
Oot, Joshua
Orme Chris
Owen, Keith
Pantovic, Mark
Parica, Jose
Parisian, Tim
Peacock, Dave
Perry, Tim
Petrov, Ivaylo
Putnam, Shawn
Reyes, Effren
Rindler, Andreas
Robichaud, Jason
Romanowski, Jim
Rota, Paul
Rozonewski, Paul
Ruberto, Tony
Ryan, Michael
Salvas, Luc
Sambajon, Santos
Slivka, Jerry
Smith, Adam
Smolen, Jeff
Souquet, Ralf
Speedwell, Trystan
Staskowski, Robert
Strickland, Earl
Szydlowski, Walter
Tavernier, Steve
Tucker, Joe
Varano, Dave
Vazquez, Eddie
Vickery, Howard
Vieira, Carlos
Vongxay, Hongsavady
Wallace, Mike
Wechsler, Lyn
Weuthrich, Kent
Wiseman, Ronnie
Yamauchi, Mike
Zuglan, Mike

08-10-2005, 11:17 AM
thank you wendy....any idea why frankie and tony are no shows????????? ......................mike

9 Ball Girl
08-10-2005, 11:25 AM
I dunno. But I can PM you when I find out.