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08-15-2005, 07:16 AM
As some of you may have seen on the main page of the BD website, there are going to be online chats with Loree Jon Jones (Tuesday), Mike Sigel (Wednesday) and Kevin Trudeau (Thursday). I think that they are going to be fascinating, but I have one wee complaint.

Thanks to time zones, etc, anyone in Europe is going to have to stay up until 12:30am (in the UK) or 1:30am (in Europe) to even be able to post a question, let alone take part in the live chat itself. I donít know about anyone else, but I work Monday Ė Friday, 9 to 5 so going to bed at 1am isnít really a good move for me Ė especially 3 nights in a row. Is there any chance of moving the start time for posting questions by an hour or 2? That way, you can get a full international flavour.

I know it still may not help people in other time-zones (Asia comes to mind) but at least this way, those of us in Europe who have to work can still take part.

Oh, and will these chats be archived for us to read at a later date?

Many thanks in advance.