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08-17-2005, 07:43 AM
My BCA 9-ball league needs improvement and I would like to look at what other BCA 9-ball league formats are like. Just those leagues which only count who made the 9-ball please. (We are spending too much time keeping track of who made which ball, etc.)

If you can give me links or post information about how your 9-ball league plays its tournaments and calculates its handicaps, I would greatly appreciate it.

My questions are...

How many players per team?

Format of each tournament? i.e. Each player plays each other player in a race to ?? - round robin, whatever.

Breaking? Who breaks when?

Scorekeeping? Link to a copy of your scoresheet if online.

Handicaps? How do you calculate handicaps?

Other useful information or links?

Steve Lipsky
08-17-2005, 09:36 AM

Our team 9-ball is not a round-robin format. Teams are comprised of usually 6 players, and there are 4 sets per night. So... two people sit out. Captains make the matchups.

If one team wins at least three of the sets, they receive the win for the week. If it's a 2-2 tie, it comes down to games won. In the rare event that it's 2-2, AND each team has won an equal amount of games, the teams each receive a tie for the week.

Players are handicapped according to a "D" to "Pro" scale. A pro is, I believe, technically considered an "11", while a D is a "1". But the numbers only matter because there is a maximum-handicap rule for the night... and it almost never comes into play. (A team could play two As and two Bs, I believe, and still be OK. It's just there to prevent multiple Opens and Pros from playing in the same night.)

Our handicaps are based in games on the wire, not balls. The basic rule is, for every difference in skill level, it is a one-game spot. If the spot is less than three games, the races are usually to 7. Once you get to a 3 game spot, the race goes to 8. 4 game spot, race to 9, and so on. Pros and Opens are a little trickier to handicap, so their spots are more bizarre - a Pro playing a D would give him 9 on 11, I believe.

Handicaps don't change on a weekly basis... in fact, they rarely change. We have a very involved league director, who knows everyone's games well. When a change in handicap is warranted, for the most part, it gets done. In my experience, leagues where handicaps can change more regularly are much more susceptible to dumping. There is very little dumping in this league, because the handicaps are pretty much frozen.

Let me know if you need any more information... we've had a very successful team 9-ball league for about 5 years now (3 seasons per year), and it shows no sign of slowing.

- Steve

08-17-2005, 11:50 AM
Steve, that is a very interesting format. Since I play in the APA you description is almost Greek to me. I have thought about participating in a BCA league but have not taken the leap yet.

Do you or anyone else reading this thread know of a BCA handicap league in or around the Northern Los Angeles Area?
I am actually in Eastern Ventura County but wouldn't mind a little drive if the format is really good. (good being purly subjective I'm sure....I'll try almost anything once and many things twice or more... /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif

08-19-2005, 08:35 AM

If I could get a copy of your score sheet and/or rules, I would appreciate it. I would like to present this idea of just scoring 9-ball wins to my league director. But it will fly better if I can give him score sheets and rules. He does not have much time to do this stuff since he is always playing pool!

So I think if I can present a "complete package" - everything you need to score, handicap, etc., then it will be better received. I know he would be more interested in going toward real world 9-ball as it would be more like BCA regionals.


08-20-2005, 09:51 PM
How many players per team?
min - max
4 - 6
5 - 8
You pick it. The match will be 4 or 5 sets long.

Format of each tournament?
Each player plays one person from the other team in a set the length of which is determined by their ratings.

Breaking? Who breaks when?
first set- home player breaks first game, break alternates
second set- away player breaks first game, break alternates
third set- home player ... (etc.)

one point for each set won

Handicaps? How do you calculate handicaps?
best (fairest, most accurate) system ever-
the same system tweaked for a particular league-

Further questions? Ask away.

08-21-2005, 07:59 AM
Great! Thanks...

Steve Lipsky
08-21-2005, 09:08 AM
Billy Bob,

I sent a scoresheet example to your yahoo account, including "nospam" (I tried removing the "nospam" but got a delivery error). Let me know if I should send it to another address.

Hope it helps!

- Steve

08-22-2005, 10:46 AM
My account on yahoo includes nospam in the name! Then the junk email senders automatically remove the nospam part so I never get their emails!

I did receive the sample score sheets (when nospam was included in the address). These look quite easy to score. Can spend your time playing rather than keeping score.

I'll study/modify them, then make a "complete package" suggestion to my league operator. Thanks everyone!