View Full Version : Level table or bad balls

08-18-2005, 02:18 AM
I just purchased a pool table and had it professionally installed. I got an accessory package with the table which included the balls, cues, etc... While playing, it appears that the table is not level because at the end of the ball roll there is sometimes movement of the ball. I have placed the level all over the table in multiple directions and places and it appears to be level, the bubble is dead center. Could this be the balls? or is it possible that the table is still not level, even though the bubble is dead center in the level. Also, the table is new, not used with 19oz fast play felt. Any ideas?

08-19-2005, 08:21 AM
Using just a level will not cut it. Drop a ball on a cushion so it rolls out onto the table. See if it goes in a straight line. Do this from all directions.

Also crud or particles on the cloth may make a ball deviate from its path. So be sure cloth is vacuumed and brushed first.

Using a level gets the table in the ballpark of levelness. Then the ball drop test is used for the fine tuning. And a $100 or more "machinists level" is best since it is very accurate.

Note: I leveled my table perfectly. Then I got used to being able to shoot very slow safety shots. Then I went to play in tournaments elsewhere which had unlevel tables. I would shoot a very slow shot and the CB would entirely miss the OB - The CB just curved away from the OB rather than going in a straight line! (I lost because of this.) So I don't keep my table perfectly level any more...