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08-19-2005, 07:01 AM
Taft Admits Ethics Violations
Ohio Governor Apologizes for Lapses That Could Hurt GOP

By Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 19, 2005; A06

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft (R) yesterday pleaded no contest to charges that he violated state ethics laws, becoming the first governor in the state's history convicted of a crime and providing powerful ammunition to Democrats seeking to break the Republican Party's dominance in a critical swing state.

For the past decade, Democrats have been in retreat in the Buckeye State. Republicans have won the governor's office for four consecutive terms, control both houses of the legislature and hold the other major statewide offices. Last year, Ohio was ground zero in the presidential campaign and provided the crucial electoral votes that secured President Bush's reelection victory.

Political analysts said yesterday that the spreading scandal that put Taft in a Columbus courthouse, as well as public dissatisfaction over an economy whose unemployment rate is above the national average, leaves Republicans vulnerable for a potential housecleaning in next year's elections. "Potentially, it could be a very tough year," said Eric W. Rademacher, co-director of the University of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll.

Taft, who cooperated with investigators, issued a public apology after being convicted on four misdemeanor counts for failing to report 52 golf outings, dinners and other entertainment gifts. He was fined $4,000, the maximum. Taft, who by law cannot run again, said he will not resign.

"There are no words to express the deep remorse that I feel over the embarrassment that I have caused for my administration and for the people of the state of Ohio," Taft said after the sentencing. "I offer my sincere and heartfelt apology, and I hope the people will understand that these mistakes, though major and important mistakes, were done unintentionally, and I hope and pray they will accept my apology."

Among the golf outings were two from Tom Noe, a prominent Republican fundraiser and rare coin dealer who is at the heart of a larger scandal involving the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, which invested approximately $50 million in rare coins through Noe. Investigators later found $10 million to $13 million was missing, sending GOP officials scampering to escape the taint of association with Noe.

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The Coin scandal, has anyone heard about that? Its a whopper! DeLay and Abramoff?
At the momment, its one scandal after another- most offences committed by the so-called Moral Majority/American value Party.

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08-19-2005, 03:08 PM
The guy didn't realize he was doing something wrong. He hopes that everyone understands and forgives him. He was fined a whopping $4,000! I feel so sorry for him that I almost broke down and started crying when I read this in the paper today.
I am surprised that he did not blame the bleeding liberals for his sad misfortune, or try to make it seem like it was a communist plot by the dangerous Cubans! No, wait, I know, it was the administration that was there before his that caused him to do these unlawful deeds. Yes, that is it, it was the other guys fault, it just took all these terms (years) to find out about the sorry bastard that preceeded him! No, wait,it wasn't his fault at all, no, it was most definitely a plot by some Middle Eastern terrorists that "framed him"!
All I can say is they must have had his arse in a sling for him to admit that he did anything wrong! Today's politians will do anything to keep from admitting they did anything wrong, and they will blame anyone, or anything, if they are found with their hand in the cookie jar. They just go around and start blaming anything, or anyone, until finally something sticks.
It really makes no difference what party, ethics to a politician are what ever is convenient at the time to make them a lot of money. Their good old stand by is "it was not illegal", though if it was done in the private sector they would have been fired long ago.
What amazes me is that for the most part the American public is either very stupid, or they just don't give a rat's a$$.

08-20-2005, 08:03 AM
What amazes me is that for the most part the American public is either very stupid, or they just don't give a rat's a$$.
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They just dont get the info.

Have you heard about SunCruz affair?

In a nutshell.

G is an imigrant who has built up a casino buisness in Fl. His ships sail outside US waters , the people gamble and he is making millions. The FL state Gov doesnt like it and finds a way to force him to sell. Up steps J Abramoff, top DC lobbyist, personal friend to DeLay among others. [This is the guy who stole 70 million from the tribes!]
J arranges a deal with another guy, K. K will buy for 147 mil. G at this time doesnt know that J is also in on the deal with K for 50%!
J and K go to the bank to arrange a loan. The deal is they must put up 27 million of their own money [They never do.]
and the bank will advance another 60 mil. Another 60 mil would be to G from the future profits. J and K took over the buisness. K refused to pay G the initial 27 mil. Things get heavy, G wants his money and threatens to go to court to take back the Comp.
Whilst J and K are in London, G gets assasinated. Mob job they say. The car in front stops. A car drives up behind G boxing him in while a third drives up beside him. G gets 3 hollow points in the head.

Its a seedy story.