View Full Version : buying a pool table

08-20-2005, 07:48 AM
I have found through many years of experience........That a bolted together knock down frame works best for those who intend to move thier table. The reason being.........that type of frame will not loosen up while carrying. Unlike many of those made by Olhausen with premanufactured frames. Not just Olhausen, there are many that use this simple form of construction. Secondly moving it means that the table is going from one environment to the other. What do prebuilt frames do to stop the enviromental effects placed on hardwood through this?????
Simply put.......Prebuilt frames are mearly a short cut in the process. That helps the installation crew with thier job. They say, " Yeah! I can build a pool table" "I'm the best at it" Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Buying a pool table consider a bolted together knock down frame you will be much happier in the short and the long run!!!!!