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Fred Agnir
08-22-2005, 06:25 AM
A lot of local players that were there will remember this game in the finals of the winner's bracket for a while. Maybe a couple days. Maybe an hour. Maybe they've already forgotten.

Recap, super tight tables that spit out balls, even shootin straight at the throat. Race to 5.

I roared out to a 4-1 lead race to 5 with a combination of full-table runouts, and some good safety play. My opponent, DJ Hopkins from Keene, NH, is a superior breaker and powerful shotmaker, but the tight tables stymied him a bit, and I am the better position and safety player.

My break on the hill, I scratched. The balls weren't runable, but DJ knowing that in a safety battle, he had lost every one to me, he gunned for it. And gun, he did. He had timely breakouts, and enough good fortune to open things up. He didn't back off from his shotmaking knowing that he had to fire at the hole. That's the beauty of being a great shotmaker and being far behind. Going for the shots becomes the right option (sort of like going all in on marginal hands when you're the short stack in Hold 'Em).

He gets out, and now is breaking 2-4. He thunders a break, and the last ball moving leaks into the pocket. The balls are wide open, and he converts the Cosmopolitan to make it 3-4. At this point, the patrons have seen more full-table runouts on this one set then they probably have ever seen in this room total. Note: the room has only been open less than year, and again, the tables are nasty tight.

Now on to the crucial game. DJ bombs the break again, and ties up the 8-ball. He tries to work it, but he never breaks them out, all the while his object balls are disappearing from the table. As I said, he was gunning it. He finally had to slow down and gave me the following ball in hand. I have high balls, and this is how I played it:


%Hr8W6%IT4N4%JK6M5%KF2V3%Mr9U9%NQ9R1%OF4E2%Pl1Y1%Q P1W5%RC3N8

The night was wearing on, and I got the speed wrong. I wanted to get to 'B." However, the object ball landed at A, so there was no bank to C, and the other balls in the center of the table prevented a kick. At this point, me being up 4-3, I would say I was 95%-99% to win this game and match considering how tight the pocket were. Unfortunately, the 15-ball by pocket 'D' gave him the glimmer of hope...

%Hr8W6%IT4N4%JK6M5%KF2V3%MQ4X1%NQ9R1%OF4E2%PL2V1%R C3N8%SB0[6

He executed this bank ticky, and the 8-ball dropped to a roar of the local crowd. Phenomenal, considering how tight the pockets were. This tied the match 4-4, and he eventually pulled out the victory 5-4, beating me the last four games in a row while I was on the hill by shooting aggressively rather than tic tac. It was one of the most exciting matches I've ever been apart of. I can honestly say that I felt better about this loss than I felt about some of my early wins when I was playing horribly.

Thanks for reading.


Brian in VA
08-22-2005, 08:54 AM
Wow Fred! That is awesome. Congratulations on nearly taking off the state! It sounds like you managed to remain "in the moment" which is so hard to do. Well done!

Brian in VA