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08-24-2005, 01:05 PM
My brother sent me this...You might have to be Irish though, to appreciate it.
There is this Irish Famine Memorial that consits of 21 massive granite stones carved from a quarry in Ireland, and in the middle a single standing stone about 15 feet high...all around the single stone are many little grave-like stones with the names of theose who died in the Famine and or the names of the ancestors remembering them. ...so there's this one stone that reads simply:
"The Bold Jack Donohue"
under it is an inscription in Gaelic...yesterday evening a group visitng from Ireland came by with members of the local Irish Club...they walked around reading inscriptions, looking for relatives, etc. out of curiosity I went over and asked a an Irish woman who was interpreting the Gaelic on a stone for some folks, what the Gaelic was on Donohue's and here's what it said:
The Bold Jack Donohue
''I'd kick yer bloody arse but I'm six foot under''.
lol. he must've been some character.