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9 Ball Girl
08-28-2005, 06:43 PM
Dudes and Dudettes,

The CCB Tourney is about 3 weeks away and I'm still unclear as to how some items are going to get to my hands or to the tourney by Saturday, September 24.

Under the list of prizes for the CCBers are the plaques from Brian and Harold, items from Mike, and the surprise gift from me.

It looks like the Chris Cass Open Raffle fell through and I was wondering if those that donated for the CC Raffle still want to donate their items towards the CCB Prize Raffle instead. Those items were:

1 $695 Cue-Tech Pool School Tuition - randyg
1 Audrick Custom Cue (Philippines) - cueball1950 (Mike)
1 Butterfly Jump Cue - cueball1950
1 2005 Silver Dollar - cueball1950
1 Guissepe 2x4 Case - LJC_Cues (Luke)
Bags of Nuts - Barbara
1 Cue - mtuckeriii (Murray Tucker III)
$300 Half Day Scott Lee Lesson - Scott Lee

So, having said that, please let me what your decisions will be--soon! I leave on Monday the 19th.

I'll be making the dinner reservations the week before the Open.


08-29-2005, 02:37 PM
Hi Wendy.....please just put all my prizes towards the ccb raffle. no problem here. you know i willthere on Wednesday night...kisse and hugs...see you in a couple or so weeks......................mike