View Full Version : Deadlines For BCA National 9-Ball Championships

09-08-2005, 11:17 PM
Hurricane Hits Again as in 2004

The 2005 BCA National 9-Ball Championships are rapidly approaching. As the championships get closer, so do a few deadlines; the first being September 17, 2005, when late charges will apply. The BCA Pool League (BCAPL) began taking entries July 17, 2005 allowing a two-month window for tournament entries before late charges would apply.

The second and most critical deadline in October 7, 2005; the last day entries are accepted for the championships. This leaves a window of only 30 days to have your entries accepted and get qualified for the 2005 BCA National 9-Ball Championships. All tournament information is available at playbca.com.

Once again, we face circumstances revolving around hurricane season. Last year Florida was the victim of hurricane disasters and this year we are faced with the Gulf Coast devastation including the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

For the 2005 championships, the BCAPL will extend the effective date for late charges to September 30, 2005 for all our players in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi only.

The staff of the BCAPL would like to extend our sincere wishes for recovery to our many League Operators and players who are affected by the devastation on the Gulf Coast. We hope you all will be able to take a breath soon and we hope to see you in Las Vegas at the 2005 BCA National 9-Ball Championships.

Take care and best of luck from the staff of the BCAPL.