View Full Version : Playing on small 4 ft. Walmart table!

09-12-2005, 10:37 AM
I found one of those small 4 ft. Walmart pool tables at a yard sale for a bargain price. So I bought it for a friend as a joke. He always said he wanted his own pool table!

Note that this table has large "can't miss" pockets, wobbles at the slighest touch, will not be level if you move it around - say into middle of living room, and comes with much smaller balls than a real table.

So I played my friend a championship match on this table...

-Racking was difficult because the table was not level and my friend's kids kept bumping the table, the balls kept rolling out of the rack.

-I was able to draw and use english.

-Very difficult to make any shots because the balls all rolled to one end of the table and stayed there (due to unlevelness).

-Not too much room room on the table, so difficult to run-out. 9 ft. -vs- 7 ft. table differences taken to an extreme!

-Kids sure had fun, but they could not understand that you can't move the cue ball where you want each time! (The little cheating monsters!)

I only played a couple of games, but I think we need to get some top players over there, level the table, and have a *real* tournament...