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09-14-2005, 04:02 PM
Ok...for those of you who listen to Bob and Tom in the morning, you may have heard this before. But it's a funny enough joke that I thought ya'll might enjoy it.

Little Johnny came down from his room Saturday morning and was looking forward to having a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs, and a bowl of cereal. However when he came down, the table was empty. He looked at his mother, who was glaring at him.

"Where's my breakfast ma?"

"When you finish your chores, you can have your breakfast, not before."

Johnny disconsolately went outside to take care of feeding the animals. He went out to the chicken coop and spread the feed for the chickens, kicking them as he tossed the grain about. He then moved to the barn, and gave the cows their meal of grass and feed, kicking them as he did so. Afterwards, he moved to the pig pen and fed the pigs their slop, of course, kicking them as they came close. When he was done, feeling alot better after taking his frustrations out on the animals, he ran back inside, looking forward to a nice meal. The only thing on the table though, was a bowl of dry cereal without milk, and nothing else.

"What is this ma? Where's the milk for the cereal?"

"I saw you kick the cows when you were feeding them, so you don't deserve to have any milk."

"And where's my sausage?"

"Why should you eat sausage when you kick the pigs?"

"And no eggs?!"

"That's what you get for kicking the chickens. Now eat your cereal and be happy about it."

At that time, Johnny's father walked down the stairs, obviously annoyed at being woken up by the argument. As he came to the bottom of the steps, he kicked the cat laying on the bottom step out of the way.

Johnny looked at his mother, "You want to tell him, or should I?"

hope you enjoyed it...