View Full Version : Cynlinder Pool Case safe for cues?

09-22-2005, 04:25 PM
I just recently purchased one of those round cases for a single cue, where the entire circle is open and there is a padded sleeve for the shaft.

I *think* it might be a sterling round case...

Anyway, the first thing I noted was that even when put in correctly(so thick/thin alternate, joints of both up), there is still a slight compressive force on the butt and shaft of the cue from being "wedged" into the case.

It fits snugly and the force isn't excessive, but it definatly is there..

I am used to a cheaper case that had seperate tube for the shaft and butt so that they were completly seperated and the only force would seem to be gravity when stored upright.

I know I might seem really anal about it, but I am really wondering if over time this type of case would put a slight bend in the cues, from being in contact with eachother(constant pressure from one side on the shaft would seem to deform it over time).


09-22-2005, 10:54 PM
If the cue was to sit in that particular case for years(decades) on end, then yes, it will cause damage. If it's your play cue, don't worry about it.

Compression/wood only deteriates over long periods of time. If you're pulling the cue out of the case on a weekly basis, I wouldn't worry about it.