View Full Version : Freedom is not free (um, oxymoron?)

09-26-2005, 07:02 AM
Freedom is not free. That's what was on some of the pro-war rally signs.

If freedom costs something, then it isn't freedom.

Free means no cost.

Now, it may be true that nothing is free (nothing = zero = 0 = free, ha ha), but to say that freedom is not free is just idiotic. That's like saying happiness is not happy, or knowledge is not known. It's moronic. Don't they even see how moronic this is? They're carrying a sign that may as well say "I'm a [censored] idiot" on it.

Now, don't get up on your soap box about how we have to protect ourselves and all that. That's not my argument, and don't try to deflect a truly moronic sign into an argument about whether we need to be at war or not. That is not the issue, dig? The issue is this: pro-war folks don't seem to understand what words mean, for them to combine them in such a ridiculous manner, without even a tongue-in-cheek attempt to be cute. They're actually serious! Just like they were serious in George Orwell's 1984:

Freedom is slavery!
War is Peace!
Ignorance is strength!

Rah Rah!

Two minutes hate will begin promptly at 14:30.

Just like in 1984, George Bush effectively declared permanent war -- war without temporal or geographic limits; war without clear goals; war against a vaguely defined and constantly shifting enemy. Although the enemy changes periodically, the war is permanent; its true purpose is to control dissent and sustain dictatorship by nurturing popular fear and hatred.

The permanent war undergirds every aspect of Big Brother's authoritarian program, excusing censorship, propaganda, secret police, and privation. In other words, it's terribly convenient.

He explicitly warned that much of the war will be conducted in secret. He rejected negotiation as a tool of diplomacy. He announced starkly that any country that doesn't knuckle under to US demands will be regarded as an enemy. He heralded the creation of a powerful new cabinet-level police agency called the "Office of Homeland Security." Orwell couldn't have named it better.

WAR IS PEACE. A reckless war that will likely bring about a deadly cycle of retaliation is being sold to us as the means to guarantee our safety. Meanwhile, we've been instructed to accept the permanent war as a fact of daily life. As the inevitable slaughter of innocents unfolds overseas, we are to "live our lives and hug our children." Can we really blame any other nation for striking against the U.S. preemtively, with perhaps nuclear weapons? We set the example, after all. How on earth could we condemn any other nation striking preemptively? We have lowered the playing field.

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. "Freedom itself is under attack," Bush said, and he's right. Americans lost many of their most cherished liberties in a frenzy of paranoid legislation. The government can tap our phones, read our email and seize our credit card records without court order. It can detain and deport immigrants without cause or trial. It can use foreign agents to spy on American citizens. To save freedom, the warmongers have destroyed it.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. America's "new war" against terrorism will be fought with unprecedented secrecy, including heavy press restrictions not seen for years, the Pentagon has advised. Meanwhile, the sorry history of American imperialism -- collaboration with terrorists, bloody proxy wars against civilians, forcible replacement of democratic governments with corrupt dictatorships -- is strictly off-limits to mainstream media. Lest it weaken our resolve, we are not to be allowed to understand the reasons underlying the horrifying crimes of September 11.

Instead of carrying a sign that read "Freedom is not Free", they should've carried a sign that said "I love Big Brother". It is, after all, the sheep who have no complaint about any of this, and have sucked up to big daddy like the good little children that they are.

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