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09-29-2005, 11:43 AM
Tally of confirmation votes for Chief Justice of the United States.

Akaka, Daniel Kahikina D HI nay
Alexander, Lamar R TN yea
Allard, Wayne R CO yea
Allen, George R VA yea
Baucus, Max D MT yea
Bayh, Evan D IN nay
Bennett, Bob R UT yea
Biden, Joseph R. D DE nay
Bingaman, Jeff D NM yea
Bond, Kit R MO yea
Boxer, Barbara D CA nay
Brownback, Sam R KS yea
Bunning, Jim R KY yea
Burns, Conrad R MT yea
Burr, Richard R NC yea
Byrd, Robert C. D WV yea
Cantwell, Maria D WA nay
Carper, Tom D DE yea
Chafee, Lincoln R RI yea
Chambliss, Saxby R GA yea
Clinton, Hillary Rodham D NY nay
Coburn, Tom R OK yea
Cochran, Thad R MS yea
Coleman, Norm R MN yea
Collins, Susan R ME yea
Conrad, Kent D ND yea
Cornyn, John R TX yea
Corzine, Jon S. D NJ nay
Craig, Larry R ID yea
Crapo, Mike R ID yea
Dayton, Mark D MN nay
DeMint, Jim R SC yea
DeWine, Mike R OH yea
Dodd, Chris D CT yea
Dole, Elizabeth R NC yea
Domenici, Pete V. R NM yea
Dorgan, Byron L. D ND yea
Durbin, Dick D IL nay
Ensign, John R NV yea
Enzi, Mike R WY yea
Feingold, Russ D WI yea
Feinstein, Dianne D CA nay
Frist, Bill R TN yea
Graham, Lindsey R SC yea
Grassley, Chuck R IA yea
Gregg, Judd R NH yea
Hagel, Chuck R NE yea
Harkin, Tom D IA nay
Hatch, Orrin G. R UT yea
Hutchison, Kay Bailey R TX yea
Inhofe, James M. R OK yea
Inouye, Daniel K. D HI nay
Isakson, Johnny R GA yea
Jeffords, Jim I VT yea
Johnson, Tim D SD yea
Kennedy, Edward M. D MA nay
Kerry, John D MA nay
Kohl, Herb D WI yea
Kyl, John R AZ yea
Landrieu, Mary L. D LA yea
Lautenberg, Frank R. D NJ nay
Leahy, Patrick D VT yea
Levin, Carl D MI yea
Lieberman, Joe D CT yea
Lincoln, Blanche D AR yea
Lott, Trent R MS yea
Lugar, Richard G. R IN yea
Martinez, Mel R FL yea
McCain, John R AZ yea
McConnell, Mitch R KY yea
Mikulski, Barbara D MD nay
Murkowski, Lisa R AK yea
Murray, Patty D WA yea
Nelson, Ben D NE yea
Nelson, Bill D FL yea
Obama, Barrack D IL nay
Pryor, Mark D AR yea
Reed, Jack D RI nay
Reid, Harry D NV nay
Roberts, Pat R KS yea
Rockefeller, Jay D WV yea
Salazar, Ken D CO yea
Santorum, Rick R PA yea
Sarbanes, Paul S. D MD nay
Schumer, Charles E. (Chuck ) D NY nay
Sessions, Jeff R AL yea
Shelby, Richard C. R AL yea
Smith, Gordon H. R OR yea
Snowe, Olympia J. R ME yea
Specter, Arlen R PA yea
Stabenow, Debbie D MI nay
Stevens, Ted R AK yea
Sununu, John E. R NH yea
Talent, Jim R MO yea
Thomas, Craig R WY yea
Thune, John R SD yea
Vitter, David R LA yea
Voinovich, George V. R OH yea
Warner, John R VA yea
Wyden, Ron D OR yea

web page (http://www.msnbc.com/modules/interactive.aspx?id=scotus_roberts_conf&fmt=full&n avid=3032552)

10-01-2005, 01:30 PM
Snakebyetexx Nobody in their right mind gives on hoot about the Supreme Court. When they placed the Idiot in the White House without ordering the full count of the votes in the State of Florida, they Crossed the Line and became a Criminal Conspiracy against the One man One Vote Rule. ####

10-01-2005, 06:45 PM
I care about the new Justice,because he is going to be on the bench for along time,and he is brilliant. He also comes to the Court with a personal agenda that he would not reveal. He is a politician at heart,and he showed us that during the hearings.

10-02-2005, 02:53 PM
That would have been interesting. That way our militarys vote could have been counted.

10-03-2005, 06:10 AM
From MA, I didn't need to see that list to know how "my" senators voted. I don't really care how they voted, but I'm positive it was a total knee-jerk partisan decision with no consideration given to the qualities (good or bad) of the man. I don't know Roberts or his opinions from a hole in the wall, but I know "my" senators and they are without question "knee-jerk" liberals.

10-03-2005, 06:18 AM
Candyman I was not aware of legal Military votes not being counted. I was aware of blacks being denied the right to vote. Counting the legal votes was the correct decision.

If the court was 5-4 with Democrats it would have been the right decision to elect Gore? I would have loved to listen to Bushites scream Foul.

The fallacy of this election is now we are over in Iraq trying to bring them our brand Democrazy. ####