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10-03-2005, 11:32 AM
A medical resident, in a New Orleans hospital, had some interesting reports on the local ongoing situation. At one point, the remaining staff tried to blockade themselves in an upper story room, hoping the promise made by the last helicopter out, they would be back, was going to be a reality. It was a long unsafe wait & not a pretty scene.

I have watched those rescue helicopter crews trying to stuff obese women into the helicopters and I said, "Isn't there a weight limit on what that helicopter can carry?" You may consider these comments and point of view all wrong, but wait, there must be another side to the story. I thought this was worth sharing. Many good things have been said about the U.S. Coast Guard.

Here is some uglier stuff, although (and some reporters we've seen on TV are confirming this) I think the worst cannot be talked about yet, the absolute degenerate state which a totally "separated" human nature, sinks. Within the past day, I've heard more than one rescue worker or reporter say something like this. There was “who I was before this” and a “who I will be”, from this point on." I'm far from being any kind of hero... The real heroes are these crazy CG Divers hanging from a cord, hoisting people from their rooftops, while some idiot neighbor in his crack house, is shooting at them!

I feel a need to pass the word along, about some of the happenings here in Louisiana. Obviously the major networks won't tell what should be told, although Fox is doing a so-so job about getting the real word out. There is so much more to the story, they can't report it. Its not in the public’s best interest to hear the incredible number of murders which have been committed or how the soldiers are here, on roof tops, at night, with their night vision goggles are ridding us of evil doers. The soldiers have been taking out looters and rapists, one by one, at night. They don' t think they're being watched. The first couple of nights here, they were shooting 20 or more a night, now the number is down to half a dozen.

They are cleaning out the city, very efficiently. The neat part is the perpetrator never knows its coming... a short bright flash from a rooftop corner, somewhere downtown and a few seconds later, a little muffled “WHOOMPH”, from the muzzle blast. I’m sad to say it's gratifying, but with the stuff that's going on, it's hard not to feel these punks somehow deserve it.

The rest of the city is cleared out now, except for the corpses floating in the water. The airport has been our main staging area for the sick and injured ones. Here is the scenario (Can you walk? Great... go to gate 5 please... and your sir, you need a wheelchair? Ok, get on this luggage cart and we'll take you to gate 7) It’s Just crazy! There are so many of these people, that probably have typhoid or another bacterial infection, which will end up dying, that we'll never know the final death count. The open wounds, which the people have on their legs and feet, from the water burning them, are very disgusting.

We've even seen a number of cases of tuberculosis too. There were people, in a NOLA hospital, that were so obese, when the water started rising the staff couldn't get them up the stair wells to the dry floors and were forced to leave
them downstairs to slowly drown. Nurses were starting IV's on each other, just to stay hydrated when the water ran out. The bodies in the streets were being tied up to fences and light posts, by the National Guard, so they can be retrieved later.

Have you noticed the news doesn't show 'Live' aerial shots any more? Too many bodies are floating... The only thing thicker, than the awful stench in the air, is the flies! We are losing our minds! I'm sure a lot of us will need therapy for years to come! There's so many other things I've seen, I'm not even sure how to talk about that yet.

I'd almost rather have fight in Iraq, than to see what's happened here. If they don't tear down the Superdome and start all over with something new, I'll never be able to walk into that place again. We heard about some guy, who was rescued from a hospital. When he asked where they were taking him and he heard "another hospital", he jumped out of the boat, because he wanted to go to the Dome, because he couldn't sell his CRACK in the hospitals. Go figure....

Yesterday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson showed up in Baton Rouge. I wished he would’ve shown up in Sheriff Harry Lee's office, we would NEVER have heard from him again. Rev. Jesse Jackson said, "Bush has NOT appointed a single black to head up this Katrina Relief. The Black Caucus and Black Leaders, all over America, are upset with him for putting the Black Folks on the side. It is OUR people who are sitting on their roof tops waiting for Rescue, OUR people who are standing in line at the Superdome waiting on Food, Water and a Ride to a safe place, OUR people who have been locked down in Poverty..." and so on. George Sell, the Anchorman for TV 9 news, responded to "Rev. Jesse Jackson. The Mayors of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are Black, the Police Chief's of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are Black, the Head of the LA State Police is Black, the Head of the Army conducting the Army's operation on the Ground in New Orleans is Black, the Congressman from New Orleans is Black. And for the last 40 years, the leaders of LA have been members of the Democratic Party, YOUR Party. Don't blame us, like you are doing, look in the mirror. You pull the Race Card every time you don't get your way. We are in a Terrible Crisis right now & we need to come together. You come to Louisiana and holler Racism, just like you always do. It is NEVER EVER your fault, ALWAYS someone else’s, but here you are sitting, High and Dry. Why don't you go out into the waters, where they are shooting at the Rescue personnel, and help in the Rescue???'" George Sell put Rev. Jesse Jackson in his place. This is a time to come together and work together.