View Full Version : Theoretical follow trough needed

06-20-2002, 11:16 PM
Ok im not using real numbers since this is easyer :-)
Your cue is 18oz and cueball is 6oz.
Say that your cue moves at 100 whatever when it contacts the cueball.
And cue spring percentage is 90% ( i think it should be pretty high, if it wouldnt be this high cuemakers would be trying very hard to increase it)
From this i calculated that the cueball will go 142.5 after contact and the cue will go 52.5.
So if you calculate the follow trough distance needed with the same acceleration to slow down the cue as you used to accelerate it you would need about 27.5 percent of the distance of your bridge.
Ill use 30percent to be sure.
This is ofcource if you play hard since if you play slower you can have a much shorter follow trough then this.
So if you would play your hardest with a 10 inch acceleration to the cueball and maybe average a 2 inch delay after contact to be sure you accelerate trough the ball you would need a total of 5 inch follow trough.
this is ofcource if your biceps and triceps are about the same strength.
Also if you partly slow down the cue on your elbow ( wich probably hurts a litle :-) ) it can be even shorter.