View Full Version : Identifying shaft

10-19-2005, 12:12 AM
Hello, awhile ago I bought a used Joss cue as my first real playing cue(from 3rd party not original owner/player of the cue).

I got it as a great price but later found out(from Joss) that the shaft was not original...

Anyway, I have been curious and since i can't talk to original owner, Is there anyway of identifying what type of shaft is on a cue?

It is a wood 2 wood joint and has a shiny black ring around the joint, a pretty extreme taper(I would say 10-12mm, way smaller than 13mm for sure).

No identifying marks could be found, so I was wondering if this could even be tracked down?

Is there some hints in the grain that can say what type of wood or if it is laminated(radially?) or whatever, or could this just be any random shaft made by a custom guy?

I'm just curious since after finding out it wasn't a joss shaft.


10-19-2005, 07:14 AM
With a shaft that is radially laminated, you can usually see the individual pieces of the shaft. One may be brighter than the other. That is really all that i can tell you about that.

If you donīt see that the only way to tell what you really have is to saw the thing in half and look at the insides. Posting a pic may help but itīs sounds pretty plain jane to me.