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10-31-2005, 08:32 AM
Years ago...the 70's to be exact...I lived in an apt building,a one room apt, with a Murphy bed. The other tenants were even more insane then I was....
Louie was an ex bartender, full time alcoholic, and part time Santa Claus.
That was his only employment for the year....and he delighted in teasing the kids, telling them they was getting crap for Xmas....some of the younger ones got even, by getting "Santa" wet.
He had qualified for some financial aid, that hinged on one's mental stability. He wrote down all his supposed mental problems, attached them to wire clothes hangers, and laid them on the desk, of the interviewing person...saying "these are my hangups" I think they ok'd him immediately, before ushering him out of the building
Bonnie was crippled with MS, and had the only real dependable income in the building, a disability
check...which supported all our drinking habits. The first of the month, we drank
brand name stuff....near the end it was Mountain Castle Red Wine....at about $3 a gallon
top shelf.....for winos.We took turns entertaining Bonnie, playing Scrabble, and Yahtzee,
and of course, drinking her booze. she was a little more popular the first ten days of the month.
Peter actually had some brains, even a degree in /english lit. He worked as a baker,when there was work,
and since he was an intregal part of our check kiting scheme, I would sometimes have to
go to the bakery where he worked, to pick up his paycheck, for immediate deposit. His baking
consisted of putting the top crust on apple pies, as they came down the conveyor belt, and then,
and this is what he went and learnt in baking school....he would make a hole in the crust with
his thumb, to allow the steam to escape. Pater's brain had been somewhat fried, either from the escaping steam, or the plethora of drugs that he regularly ingested. There was the Edinborough Castle bar....modeled after an English pub.Sometimes, we would actually have enough $$ between us, usually from one of our
ingenious check swapping transactions, and
We would buy fish & chips, from the restaurant, with the same name...take them to the bar, and enjoy our food & grog.
So one day, we are in there, having our usual philosophical discussions, centered around worldly events,
politics, religion, and this lady comes in, introduces herself, and joins in, mistaking us for the Mensa group
meeting that had been scheduled there.
After a while, she realized that we were not the Mensa group, but said we were more fun, and spent another
hour, or so, with us.
Of course it's easy to understand why she would think, we were brainiacs....