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11-08-2005, 10:43 PM
hmmm I bet there are a lot of poeple here that would enjoy this site...


justcurio.us is an anonymous question and answer system, open to anyone, with one simple rule: to ask a question, you must first answer someone else's question. Question yields answer yields question. Strangers helping strangers.

The questions can be about anything the best Beatles album, your saddest moment, your worst fear, your biggest regret, your fondest childhood memory, the meaning of life, whether you should break up with your girlfriend, the best crepe place in Paris, the best cure for loneliness. Anything at all. This is our chance to lean on each other, to look to a stranger for help, to discover what other people think.

justcurio.us is entirely confidential, allowing anyone to ask and answer questions with complete anonymity.

So, what's on your mind?