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02-21-2002, 09:30 PM
I am looking to by a used Gold Crown. I need to be more savvy about the fine points. What are the key functional and historical differences between the GC I, II, III and IV. I know the IV has key improvements like flush pockets, thumbolts for shimming the slate and "floating" leg levelers. But going farther back, is the I a better table then the II? Is it true that frame on the I is the best solid hardwood, the II is lower quality wood and the III is laminate, which might be better than the II but not the I.

Thank you for your knowledgable and authoritative replies.


02-23-2002, 08:27 AM
Go to http://www.billiards.com
Go to the forums, there is a forum about tables look for
post about gold crowns. The 3 are junk compared to the other models of coarse like everything there could be another opinion.

02-23-2002, 09:42 AM
The differences that I notice (I have 6 in my basement for my upcoming room). The slates from the Is and IIs are as "good as it gets". The GC Is have no leg levelers and the slate wooden sub frames are thicker than the GC IIs. I have also noticed the Is appear to have better wood on the (I may be using the wrong termonology) on the visible leg frames. My GC Is leg frames look natural, much like a mahogany boat finish, the IIs have not quite the same look. This may be from the paint/stain prep work, I will find out soon when I attempt to make the GC IIs aprons and leg frames look like the GCIs. The GC IIs have leg levelers, the GC Is do not. I also noticed the pocket irons seem to be steel on the GC Is and not on the GC IIs, I could be wrong or just of looked at a replacement pocket iron instead of the whole set. I know that all tables produced within the last forty plus years, IMO and others opionions from my era, are judged by how they compare to the GC Is and IIs. IMO no table will play better when set up right that these that set the standard of play long ago. I also heard form Tony of "Tonys Hustlers" (table mechanic for Diamond for many years) that the slates from the earlier GCs are better quality and 20 lbs heavier per slate than current slates of the same thickness, probably creating the true "feel" of GC play. I hope this will help. BF

02-23-2002, 10:23 PM
Hey Bigfoot --

Thanks for your reply. Great info. Backs up what I remember hearing from George Michael, semi-pro play in Bay Area. I think those pocket irons are original.

If you do a word search on Brunswick Anniversary, you will find a site for JDS consulting. As a hobby he re-furbed a GC III and found the wooden leg sections to be butcher block laminated maple. He varnished those without stain and painted the leg aprons black. Pictures are posted on his site. Looks cool, but I would be interested to the GC leg wood that your describe.