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11-13-2005, 10:09 AM
Recent posts by Wally in Cincy, Steve Lipsky, Naz, and others have got me interested in straight pool. I don't have good skills and don't play 14.1 well, but I've been having fun trying to understand straight pool's wonderful patterns.

I relocated to another town about a month ago and have been practicing at a One-Pocket room here. My practice sessions usually begin with drills and end with solo 14.1. Two or three of the good One-Pocket players who have seen me messing with straight pool have introduced themselves and asked me to play straight pool with them. What they say is always pretty much the same: it's a great game but nobody ever plays it around here...

Now I can expect to get an enjoyable game of straight pool just about any time I show up at the PH. This is great for me, of course: I'm getting to play this rewarding game with superior players. I've been having a good time and learning a few things.

If you haven't played straight pool, give it a try. If you don't see anybody playing the game at your PH, consider inviting a One-Pocketero to play--the game appeals to some of them!


11-13-2005, 02:12 PM
It is good to hone your skills in all games
in Pool, and you learn different things from
all of them, but for a gambling player, especially
one used to 9 ball, straight Pool would be too
slow unless there was a money incentive for playing
it. I used to, and still do sometimes invent games
to play, for instance, if you play real good 8 ball,
then try what I call 'Dakota 8 ball', where after
the first ball made, you have to shoot your balls
in ascending order like 9 ball before you shoot the
8 ball. It is much harder, and if you get good at
it, then regular 8 ball will be a snap for you.

11-14-2005, 10:53 PM
Leviathan no doubt it is a beautiful game and i firmly believe that it will help you improve all your other pocket billiard games.

Curious what is your hi run now? I will ask again in two months /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif I'm stuck @ 54 /ccboard/images/graemlins/frown.gif and with a goal of hitting the century mark in 2 years i know i better start practicing again.

BTW try 3C billiards that is a hell of a game, very addictive.

11-15-2005, 05:42 AM
Hi, Naz. Hope all is well with you these days. I cannot tell a lie: my high run is 24. However, I'm a good editor and my tropical fish love me, so I guess I can live with that. 3C looks great. Is Sang Lee's place still open, and do you play there?


11-15-2005, 06:55 AM
Snapshot When I was playing all the time the nineball players would always say straight pool was to slow to which I replied you want to play me 20 dollar nineball, lets play 500 or a thousand dollar a game straight pool. That was to fast for them, no one wanted to play me straight pool so I didn't get to play much nineball.####

11-15-2005, 07:07 AM
I love practicing straight pool. I say practicing because I only play it by myself. My high run is 61, but there are days that I never see the 3rd rack. I've been playing straight pool now 2-3 times a week for over a year. I think it has improved my 8-ball game as my league average is higher then last year. It is a great practice game that I never seem to get tired of.