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11-14-2005, 11:30 PM
this should be done for free, i hope she ets the money need soon, poor kid. images avalibla http://www.local6.com/health/5302544/detail.html

Girl Needs Surgery To Remove 16-Pound Tumor On Face
Mother Begs For Help For Daugther

A team of doctors in South Florida are prepared to help a young girl who has a rare 16-pound tumor growing on her face if enough money is raised to help the child, according to a Local 6 News report.

Doctors said when Marlie Casseus was born, she looked like any other girl. But a tumor formed and as she grew so did the tumor. She was recently diagnosed with Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia.

Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia has not only deformed her face, but severely affected her respiratory system.

The painful tumor now engulfs her face and is endangering her life, according to the report.

A team of doctors in Miami are ready to help the 14-year-old girl but they have to wait until enough money is raised to pay for her hospital stay.

The family is asking people to donate to Marlie's cause by donating to the International Kids Fund.

If you would like to help, click International Kids Fund. Marlie is the month's featured child.

The operation is expected to cost about $95,000.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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11-15-2005, 05:58 AM
I agree that this should be done for free. Poor kid...what an ugly picture.