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11-15-2005, 06:21 PM
Well let me start out by saying i was robbed bye Jose Burgos and his phony blaze 9 ball tour. I went to Comet billiards on Sunday for the 9 ball event. and saw the laptop computer that Jose uses for the draw by itself, I went over with Jonathan Smith to look at the draw and I saw I was playing trick shot champion Steve Lilis from New
Jersey in the first round. I went to practice as the matches were called they called out Frankie Hernandez and Carmen Lombardo I said wait a minute that's wrong!!! So I went to the tournament desk and told Jose I was playing Steve Lilis not Carmen how was I switched? and his answer was I switched you I dont want two pro's playing each other first round. So my question was how come you didn't change me when i played Santos Sanbajon first round two tournaments ago? He said there were enough pro's there and I am the tornament director and I do what ever I want. I said what kind of nonsence excuse was that? They moved me so i could play Mike
Davis second round when I complained they moved me back. Every player that was there saw them fix the draw. I played two matches and went outside where I ran into Jose Burgos he said to me why are you dogging my tour? I said why are you fixing the draw? Then he said here's your money back I am disqualifying you. Then he went inside and told a worker to call the police that he wanted me off the property. The police came and the manager told the police I did nothing wrong I didn't have to leave. Jose disqualifyed me because I caught them fixing the draw and exposed his tour. He even put a very attractive female player in the tournament for free and set it up so he can play her first round. Now you tell me is that fixing the draw? I noticed every tournament I had a world class player first or second round. I was a few hundred points behind his friend Matt Krah for player of the year which earns you a free 5000 thousand dollar spot in the skins tournament. So they were setting up the draw so Matt could have easy matches and I could have tough matches where I can have a chance to lose early. By Jose disqualifying me on Sunday garanteed Matt the free entry to the skins game. Jose has a players auction where he buys players with his fixed draw. When all was said and done Sunday the police apoligized to me in front of about 10 people.Even the manager of Comet Billiards said Jose was dead wrong and he would talk to the owner about not hosting another one of Jose's fixed tournaments. and I say anyone who plays or host one of Jose's fixed draw events should have there head examined. This casts a shadow of doubt on all the tournaments has Jose has run in the past, including the Big Apple last year where there was $6,600 cut out of the prize fund. Which many players noticed and complained about. What Jose has done is put a dark cloud over our sport which is begining to see the light of day with the upcoming IPT Tour.
Frankie Hernandez

11-15-2005, 09:30 PM
Hmmm sounds like John Murphy was running this tourney...

From what i have read so far i believe you were in the right, Even if you are a huge pain in the a$s to most people No TD or anyone should ever mess with the brackets once it has been drawn out. I'm glad to hear the Police apologized to you that is pretty classy of them.

btw did you buy yourself in the Calcutta and if so did you et that $ back?

11-15-2005, 11:09 PM
Glad to hear your side of it frankie. Now come play on the joss tour where you will get an even break. and mike said to not forget the big 1 in february at the casino. He does not want to see you get shut out again.............mike

9 Ball Girl
11-16-2005, 12:52 PM
Just to be fair, here's the story from the TD, Jose Burgos:

I feel that I have to answer the statement made by one ungrateful person, mainly Frankie Hernandez. Shame Shame on you Frankie Hernandez if you are going to tell stories at lease tell the truth.

Here are some parts of the story that Frankie Hernandez left out. I was out on the floor giving out the rules of the tournament when the draw was taking place. The draw was done by on of my helpers. After giving out the rules I started calling out the matches. I called out Frankies match and he say that was not who he was supposed to play the that player because he saw the draw. I asked my helper if he changed the draw he said yes, I asked him why he said he didn't want to see to pros playing in the first round. I said you can't do that and to change it back and he did all this took place before the tournament even started.
Frankie played his first match and won, then Frankie got into it with my helper, it got to the point where I had to break it up. I told Frankie to leave it alone the guy just made a mistake but Frankie just kept running his mouth to everyone in the room no one wanted listen to him. Then Frankie played his second match and won, at this point Frankie was still in the tournament. I went out side to get something from my car and Frankie was still running his mouth to a couple of players. I can hear the player telling Frankie to leave it alone, I stepped to Frankie and asked him if there was a problem and why is he telling people I set the draw especially when I fixed the situation. Frankie said I'm not talking about you, I was talking about you helper.
Now Frankie was running his mouth about my point system (I will talk about in a few) He was putting down the tour and the staff and I just couldn't take it any more so I told him he was done for the day and returned his entree fee and told him he was done for the day. His attitude and his threaten tone afterwards forced me to ban him from the tour and to call the police.
Frankie Hernandez says I robbed him from a spot to the skins game which is a $5000 entree to the event. The truth of the matter is Frankie Hernandez could not catch points leader Matt krah. Matt Krah is a great young player that has worked hard to get to were he is at. I know Matt as a player and that's about it, It's funny the things that Frankie is saying because Frankie is a person I use to call a friend we use to go out clubbing or out for a few drinks.
Frankie is crying about points Matt had the points wrapped up by stop number 10 as long as he didn't miss a stop. Frankie kept crying so I asked him what do you want me to do he said that for the rest of the season I should make double points for the top 6 places of the tournament. I said is that going to make you happy he said yes, I guess he prove me wrong. I could give Frankie 1st place points for the last three events and he still couldn't even catch Matt Krah.
Frankie also stated that I robbed him of the $10,000 added tour championship here are some of the players that qualified for that event that might have something to say about that, Eddie Abraham, Mike Miller, Danny Basavich, Mark Pantovic, Dennis Spears, Mike Davis Pat McNally, Josh Brothers, Shaun Wilkie, Al Lapena, Carmen Lombrdo, Ryan McCreesh, Brett Stottlemyer, Phil Sherman, Santos Sambajon, Eddie Vasquez, Kieth McCreedy, Bob Maidhof, Lee Holt, Matt Krah, Pete Fusco and many more thats not a sure win with that field.
I see that Frankie made a remark about the Big Apple Shame Shame on him he of all people know what happened I was the one that let it out that the owner took money from the players funds, So I guess Scott Smith stole money since he was the tournament director, let it go Frankie. I was so up set that I removed all my tour stops from that place. It's people like Frankie that start rumors that give this sport a black eye. Some people that say Frankie is a nice guy all I have to say to that is only if it's in his favor other than that he is a real ass.
I'll leave you with this I put in $16,000 of my own money towards the tour Championship what do I get out of it nothing I love the sport. Frankie made $6100 from my tour this year and all he had to do is keep his mouth shut and play the game, by the way 2nd place in points gets $2000 cash. I don't think Frankie would have made that much at the Skins Games. Frankie is a player that lacks the class of pro & world class players. Frankie Hernandez is no longer part of my tour, like I said at the beginning if your going to tell stories at lease tell the truth because it will set you free.

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