View Full Version : Sudden Death 7 ball

11-16-2005, 02:11 PM
Am I the only one who thinks this is the dumbest game in the world?

So, what these people are telling me is that, even with editing and tape-delayed broadcasts, they weren't able to fit in enough commercials in a 9-ball tourney?

Where did this debacle come from. I tried it out in my pool room and found that I actually spent more time racking than shooting.

Do you agree, or are there some merits to 7-ball that I am not seeing?

11-16-2005, 10:36 PM
Well, 7-Ball is "TV Audience Friendly" because it's fast and furious. Personally, I don't care for the game. I feel that, outside of it's TV value, it's a bad game to match up in, because it's really easy. I mean, if you can make a ball on the break and have a shot on the first ball, then you have a 6 ball run to pull off. I'm really not a 9-Ball fan either, but in most of the country, that's the money game these days.

Personally, I'd rather see 10-Ball if TV is going to bolster rotation games. That extra ball really screws up a good break and makes a lot of difference when you're trying to run out. Hopefully, with all the 10-Ball ring games going on a more big tournaments (DCC, BCA Nationals last month, every tournament Grady Mathews has been involved in), it will take on a more appealing face to the public and 7-Ball will fade into the pages of history.