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11-18-2005, 02:27 PM
The civil jury in the "Baretta" case, figured out what the criminal trial jury could not...after you add up all the coincidences, like trying to hire someone to kill her, etc
Mr. Blake just had to be as guilty as O.J. was.
As prosecuter, for my summation to the jury, I would have shown them the movie"In cold Blood"
Too bad , in both cases, the civil jurer's didn't get to do the criminal trials.
Being rich, famous, or good looking, seems to play too much of a role in trials...Ted Bundy and Scott Peterson, though are classic examples of looks don't count.
If I went to trial...I can imagine the jury foreman saying to the judge "We don't need no stinkin facts"...then giving me the "Alice in Wonderland" verdict...."off with his head"
and this would be only for shoplifting.
Serbia found Vlad D. not guilty of being a draft-dodger....an he ain't even good looking.
What an insane charge after all he did for his country