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11-25-2005, 04:24 PM
Baseball is fun for you and me. there is batting and fielding and making an out, There is doubles & triples, and even home runs, But what I like about baseball is for the fun.
Matt Bohn at age 11 <hr /></blockquote>
It's not just my parents who believe they'll see Matt on the field, it's me too. I'll see Matt through my heart. you have to believe before you can see things on the field, and if you believe, you'll see. Stephanie Bohn age 9
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Dear Don, you don't know me: my name is Jim Bohn. My son Matt and mother -in-law Lena Blaha died in the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 in Sioux City on July 19.
This past spring I had taken my son and family to see the movie "Field of Dreams" we Loved the movie. I had no idea that the "field" was still there. I figured that after the filming it had been replanted. to my surprise and delight, I read an article last evening in our Pittsburg,Pa Press newspaper that you have been maintaining the field. how long do you plan to maintain it as a baseball field? Will you still receive visitors next summer? We are planning to visit Sioux City next summer for the anniversary of the crash and would love to stop and visit the field.
Matt was 12 and loved baseball. so did I, as my father before me did. I've always coached Matt's team. for the past 6 years we have had a great time enjoying each other and baseball
As you may know the plane crashed in an Iowa corn field. I found the whole idea very ironic; the story of an Iowa corn farmer who plows up his corn field to make a baseball field where dreams come true and my son, who loved baseball, dying in an Iowa corn field. My dreams came to an end.
When I was in Sioux City after the crash, I stayed at Briar Cliff College. From my room the most prominent object in the landscape was a baseball field. I could not stop thinking about the movie, the crash and a corn field in Iowa. there was a message there.
When I read the article last evening I knew I had to visit the "field". Please let me know of your plans for the field. I hope I have a chance to walk with my son one more time
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I was able to read your letter. If the movie means anything to me now it's that you get that chance to walk with your son. I am with you in spirit.
Love, Kevin (Kevin Costner) <hr /></blockquote>