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11-27-2005, 04:20 AM
i'd like to see some pics of it and know how much he wants for it

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Published: 21/11/2005, 07:06 (UAE)

Shepherd's grandson gets back mountain

The Telegraph Group Limited
Bucharest: A Romanian who was given a mountain which the Communists had seized from his shepherd grandfather has put it up for sale on the internet after failing to find a buyer in the small ads of his local paper.

Alexandru Anganu-Bancila, 53, learned of his good fortune in an unexpected phone call from Romanian government officials who tracked him down last week.

To his astonishment, they told him he was now the owner of Mount Gaura near Bran in the Carpathians, a range of mountains that runs from the Czech Republic down through Hungary and into Romania.

The 7,500ft peak comes complete with several waterfalls, a dozen brown bears that have made it their home, and several hunting lodges.

It also overlooks Dracula's castle the legendary property that once belonged to 15th century Count Vlad "The Impaler" Tepes, who was the inspiration for the Dracula legend.

Anganu-Bancila, who runs a lawyer's practice in the city of Bran, told The Sunday Telegraph that he had no idea that his peasant relatives had been so wealthy.

"I knew my family had been hard working shepherds, and had owned large flocks of sheep before the Communists stole everything, but I did not realise how rich they were.

"Apparently, they originally bought the land in the 1930s to graze animals, but it was seized by the communists after they took power in the 1950s.

"Once my grandfather complained and he was locked up for two years in a 'correctional institute' as they called it. They died in poverty after losing everything."

Anganu-Bancila, who is married, said he decided to put the mountain up for sale as he had no personal use for the 1,650 acre estate except as a source of cash.

He said: "My grandfather bought this mountain, together with his brother, to use it for raising his 500 sheep, and he worked like crazy from sunrise to sunset for his family. My family no longer have any sheep, but I am told if I sell it I can get a lot of money."

The area, which is classified as a nature reserve, is famous for its natural beauty.

Local mountain rescuer Florin Boboc said: "I am sure many people would want to own this mountain. It has hundreds of hectares of forests, and many wild animals like black goats, bears, foxes and wolves."

Undoing the decades-old wrong

Alexandru Anganu-Bancila's unexpected windfall is part of an ongoing drive by Romania's new centre-right government to speed up the return of private property confiscated by the Communists.

Land restitution laws were originally passed in 1991, but have since become bogged down in bitter legal wrangles between the old owners and the new.