View Full Version : Digital Water Delivered Via Broadband!

12-01-2005, 11:09 AM
Welcome To Wetage!

The dream of the future is almost here now! We’re Wetage, the next big splash in wonderful new world of internet delivered utilities. Internet phone service, on-demand music and video, and digital sex with robots are already part of everyday life. So we got our brains to thinking and that’s when we decided “Hey, how can we get rid of the company that brings everyone water?”

Our service is as simple as can be - we use your broadband connection to deliver fresh, clean, and wet water right to your house. You keep your existing pipes and plumbing. Our Aqualink connector is the link between your cable modem or DSL connection and your sink, shower, and toilet!

And because our water is digital, you not only save money but you have options that you’ve never thought of dreaming of! Who says water has to be clear? You can choose any of 256 colors for your water with just a few mouse clicks or even program different colors to automatically be selected for Holidays or special occasions! Enjoy a nice glass of orange water for Halloween, a green shower for St. Patrick’s Day, or a bathtub full of bright red water to scare the [censored] out of your girlfriend! And that’s just the beginning…

web page (http://www.wetage.com/)