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12-02-2005, 01:20 PM

Author: Dean Poling
Publication Date: 2005-11-15

"Gore Vidal is the astute and award-winning author of his American series of books, which are novelizations of historical events and people. These books include "Burr," "1876," "Lincoln," "The Golden Age," etc. Within the parameters of these novels, Vidal dispenses a judicious sense and knowledge of American history within the structure of great fiction often as a vehicle to expound upon his political theories. "Imperial America," however, eschews the novel format and presents a series of essays based upon his extensive study of history and his first-hand experiences in politics. Using new material and past essays published in various magazines, Vidal debates that the American government is moving away and has moved away from its original intent as a republic and entered and keeps digging deeper into global imperialism. More importantly, Vidal notes that the American public is gladly following along and allowing this to happen. Well, actually, he believes the American public is blind to what's happening because citizens have a short attention span and have little knowledge or memory of the nation's history. This book is subtitled, after all, "Reflections on the United States of Amnesia." Vidal is no fan of President Bush, neither the father nor the son. But he's also critical of Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Carter, T. Roosevelt, FDR, and many people will not care for Vidal's views. But Vidal has often been described as the "last noble defender of the American republic," which he views as the Founding Fathers" original intent for the nation and which he believes is slipping further from America's grasp. There is much that will leave readers shaking their heads in disagreement here. The trouble is Gore Vidal's pedigree for research and historical perspective; it leaves the reader with a heavy feeling of dread that, what if he's right? "
web page (http://www.valdostadailytimes.com/content/7/17993/IMPERIAL+AMERICA-Gore+Vidalhtm)
I'm not a big fan of Vidal's....but did enjoy the debates with William Buckley....
Instead of the name calling that pases for rhetoric here, they used brilliant commentary....here's an example:

"1968 Buckley - Vidal Debate. from ABC News, August 28, 1968. Vidal: "the only pro or crypto-Nazi here is yourself." Buckley: "Now listen, you queer, ..."