View Full Version : FEMA and the Great Boston Molasses Flood

12-14-2005, 12:59 PM
While it's true that Fema's response was "slower then molasses in January"....that is not what this post is about

I think the Prez needed an honourable man, such as Judge Wilfred Bolster, to defuse the anger over Katrina, and to place the blame where it belongs....and (to bolster his image?)

On January 15, 1919, in Boston's North end, a neighborhood crowded with Italian immigrants, a fifty-ft. tall steel tank, loaded with over 2-million gallons of molasses (the industrial kind used for WWI munitions) collapsed, shooting out deadly steel missiles. Twenty-five foot tidal waves of molasses , traveling in four directions at thirty-five miles per hour, engulfed the city,causing massive destruction, killing twenty-one people and injuring over another 150.
Who was to blame ??

There's the villains, Arthur P. Jell, who built a huge tank in the midst of a busy immigrant neighborhood because it was an easy way to meet production quotas, a man who addressed local unease about the leaking tank by painting it molasses brown to hide the seepage. There's Isaac Gonzales, whose nightmares about the tank collapsing had him running through Boston streets in the dead of night to frantically check the tank. There's John Barry, a stonecutter who miraculously survived the flood, his dark hair turned white overnight. And there's the molasses tank itself, prompting Gonzales to claim, "the giant steel container was alive and he was hearing the low growl of a hungry animal."

Who was to blame for the disaster? There were 119 separate legal claims against USIA, but JUDGE WILFRED BOLSTER blamed the public for not insisting that the best people were put on the job. But how could immigrants, many of them who weren't citizens without political recourse, comment on a tank? USIA accused anti-war anarchists of bombing the tank, an argument fueled by the the Saccho and Vanzetti trial. But there was no physical evidence of any bomb (the windows by the tank , it was argued, would have been shattered).

Instead USIA was found guilty, held accountable for not hiring qualified people to oversee the tank.

Using the rule of substitution/transposition.....
In the above statement, we insert "Bush" for "USIA"
and "FEMA" for "tank"
and "Voila"! we now have a new workable equation, to come up with an
answer to "Who the **** is to blame for manner in which this disaster, Katrina, was dealt with?"
USIA/Haliburton......corporate greed/war profiteers....