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12-26-2005, 02:45 PM
I received both as Christmas gifts and tried them that day.

The OB-1 Shaft is very unique in it's construction and looks quite different from other shafts. I talked to Royce Bunnell and he said they can fit the shafts to 90% of different joints. I have shot with a few low deflection shafts (schuler & 314) and this one seems to have the least deflection. It was pretty easy to adjust to the shaft after shooting a rack or two. Not really sure how people categorize the hit of the shaft, but I really like it. You could probably call it a solid hit. You can really get some spin on the cueball if you need to go a few rails for position. The only thing the I might change about the shaft is the tip. The standard tip is triangle, which is what I use to shoot with, but now I shoot with a layered tip and I have better control. Once I get a new tip I will tell you more about it.

The BreakRak is quite a training tool. I got the BreakRak II which fits on our 7 foot table. It takes a little muscle to get the bow system in place, but after that it is a breeze. Setting up takes about 45-60 seconds. After breaking a few times and looking where my cueball ended up I saw I really wasn't controlling whitey the best I could. I practiced with it for a few sessions of 45 minutes so far and have improved my percentage of making balls on the break and parking whitey near the center of the table. Charley Bond makes the BreakRak and treats his customers well and answers any questions you have right away. I am now thinking of buying his book The GREAT Break Shot which covers everything about breaking and racking, should be a good read.

Tanner Pruess
www.obcues.com (http://www.obcues.com)
www.breakrak.com (http://www.breakrak.com)

12-28-2005, 10:58 AM
Thanks for the reviews. I, too, have an OB-1 and really like it. I also have a BreakRak, and have seen the benefit it provides. Both Royce and Charley are good people to deal with.

I've also been awaiting wolfdancer's OB-1 review... I think he should have his by now.

12-28-2005, 12:37 PM
I am against both devices...they're bad for the game,and bad for the economy.
Take the BreakRak to begin with.....it has taken me several years of renting tables and practicing my break, just to get the requisite four balls to go to a rail. I used various excuses for a long time...."I injured my subscapularis training for the iron-man competition" to my new "safety-break" explanation. why should someone be able to use one of these for a few weeks, and end up with a King Kong break?
Then there's is the insidious OB-1 shaft....do you know how long it has taken me to add a half tip of english, and pocket a ball in the process..."slide over 1 click, that should do it, no maybe 1 and 1/2, or is that the 5/8 tip adjustment?" And now, you can load it up with english, and almost no adjustment.....it ain't fair; there should be a long learning curve using english.
So practice table rental will be down, and since mastering the break and english, required the taking of lessons in the past....I predict as many as 10,000 pool instructors, many of them qualified, some of them even certified, all of them certifiable (you have to be a little nuts to try and teach this game).....they will all have to seek other employment. Some will be forced to go on the road performing trick shots in front of jeering college students, others....well if you walk in Wal-Mart and the greeter is holding a pool cue......
I'm sure when I turn in my "Report to the Commissioner" Kevin will permanently ban these......
I paid Royce to make a shaft for my Predator cue, and also a
"Sneaky Pete" butt. When I got them and tried it out, I thought the cue way too light. When I put the shaft on my Predator Butt....I was disappointed that I couldn't draw it any further then with my 314 shaft.
That was day one.......on day two, I tried adding some english, and got both more sidespin then usual, with very little deflexion allowance. It's an adjustment, not having to adjust.....
And even the sneaky pete does not feel that light anymore....there is probably only a half oz diff. anyway.
As a bonus, I have a Joss East cue, with a "west" shaft and everything is interchangeable.......3 butts/7 shafts....it's a *****'ng nightmare
Butt, I'd recommend the OB-1 shaft, to anyone that likes to hit 'em a little off-center
or in my case, can't ever find center