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06-28-2002, 09:52 PM
The WPA Women's 9-Ball Championships starts next week in Taiwan - played earlier this year than I can remember it being played in quite some time (usually played in October or November). A number of very good players must go through the grueling qualifier starting Monday just to make it in to the 32 player field, including 1995 World Champion Gerda Hofstatter.

Allison Fisher, the defending Champion will be seeking her 5th World 9-Ball title in the last 7 years, as where current #1 ranked Karen Corr (runner-up the last 2 years) is still seeking to win her first World 9-Ball title, as is Jeanette Lee for that matter. The only other player (IMO) figuring to have a realistic shot would be the 1999 and 2-time World 9-Ball Champion Shin Mei Liu. Of course, many of the others in the field still need to be taken seriously. Remember Julie Kelly was the surprise winner of the 2000 title and Jennifer Chen always plays strong in front of her home fans.

Although it will be very tough for anyone to deny Ms. Corr this title yet again, my favorite remains Ms. Fisher. My darkhouse pick would be China's young prodigy Kim Ga-Young.

Is anyone here aware of what American players will be represented at this event and/or would like to offer their own predictions for a winner? I surely hope the tourney will be covered and updated daily on someone's website! - Chris in NC

06-28-2002, 10:09 PM
Hi Chris,
There is no chance for American players.Don`t take me wrong.I like Tiffany as much as u do but she is not there.Nicole and Rim are not there either.Belinda dropped and I donot know who is replacing her.My friend Karen might play with determination to win the tournament.I like one of the two ( My Diva-Allison and my friend Karen) to win the tournament.Cheers

Thierry Layani
06-29-2002, 07:27 AM
I'd like to wish good luck to Anita Kuczma and Catherine Garon (our own prodigy) who will be representing Canada and who also both play with a Layani cue. Good Luck to them and also to my US favorite Tiffany Nelson!

Thierry Layani
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