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01-08-2006, 12:00 PM
Jamaica (Ohio) Farewell

Down today was Robert Ney
cause the congress done tell him that he must stop.
He took free trips on some flying ships
now they hope the scandal won't reach the top.
Cause I'm Sad to say, like Tom Delay
he'll be gone for many a day
His heart is down, his head is spinning around,
he soon be leaving this place, called Washington

West Side Story
Tom... "I like to be in America"
Robert "everything free in America"
Jack "for a small fee in America"

Tom " I know a boat we could get on"
Robert "we could set sail for San Juan"
Tom & Robert "The people there are so nice"
Jack "the people there got to pay the price"

Tom & Robert " we like to be in America"
Tom & Robert " we get things free in America"
Jack " and the money's for me in America"