View Full Version : Don't ever give up!

01-14-2006, 11:14 AM
I've noticed sometimes when I am playing someone, say 8-ball. And I run in most of my balls and the other person has not made one of their balls, they psychologically "give up" and don't try from then on.

Or if it is a race to 4 match, and I have won 3 of the 4, the other person "gives up" it seems. Does not even try.

I was watching a match between two top players. One player needed one more game to win, the other needed three to win. Well the guy who needed three to win kept "fighting". And he eventually won the match!

Also when playing 8-ball, and the other person has all but one of their balls in, you have all of your balls left on the table, YOU have a big advantage. Just shoot shots which leave the cue ball so your opponent does not have a shot at that ball. If you can pocket a ball and also leave the cue ball in a nasty spot, do it. Then you can keep doing this until you get down to about three balls, then run out.

Of course if you just "give up" and whack at something without thought. Think he's got me, let's just get it over with, etc. Then you will probably leave your opponent with a shot.

01-14-2006, 05:05 PM
Billy Bob, in the recent Pechauer tour event, in Tigard, Or.
Robert Zack was down 5 games in a race to 9 against Gary French.He came back to win, then came from the loser's side to win the tournament.