View Full Version : Souquet shunks Luat

01-14-2006, 09:17 PM
Over on Az billiards DCC forum they are reporting that Ralf Souquet has beaten Rodolpho Luat 7/0 to win the DCC 9 Ball championship.....Great shooting Ralf..............mike

01-15-2006, 10:44 AM
Exactly true, watched it from the top row. After a small safety battle the first two games Luat never left the chair. As impressive was watching Joyner give the 6 and out to "Tater" in a race to 13. Joyner was willing to play anyone (except Reyes) in 1 pocket and give weight away. Billy I. and Ike matched up a few times for substantial $$$ with Ike giving him 9-8. Ike was a little too strong for him. Alex P. won a hill-hill IPT qualifier over George Breedlove where Alex had 5 consecutive Break-and run's, very good 8 ball player. George actually called a double hit foul on himself in the case game. I was 8 feet away and all bystanders agreed that unless he called it it would not have been noticed. On a lighter note Hopkins and Cory D were having some fun with some 10 year olds in the lobby. They had the kids in a standing jump contest.

Paul Mon