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01-15-2006, 10:55 AM
This is for rail first type kickins. I have always had trouble understanding how exactly to aim at this type of kick shot. I first saw the mirror system employed in Grady Matthew's tape Only Kicks. I had trouble with so I went to Grady and had him show me the shot. I still had trouble seeing it. I stumbled upon something last night that straightened it out for me.

First off let me say that I think most people think kick shots are imprecise and are more or an art form. I disagree with this position. I think that people tend to underestimate the degree of precision that is acheiveable and required for most kicks. The following is a very precise shot, so pay attention to detail in the setup and execution of it.

The example situation I will use is The object ball and cue ball are straight in on the short rail and the next ball is at the other end on the other short rail.
WEi table (http://endeavor.med.nyu.edu/~wei/pool/pooltable2.html)

For the setup start with a peice of chalk. Take a ball and set it on the first diamond exactly one chalks width away from the rail. Set the cue ball two diamonds away for a straight in shot. The position of the cue ball is not that critical beacuse the aiming line is determined by the position of the object ball.

Get a small rubber band, bread tie, or any other thing that you can use for a small ring. Set the ring on the rail and sit a ball on top of it. Now, take the peice of chalk and sit it on the rail by the first diamond next to the object ball on the table. Rails angle downward so hold the chalk so the edge is straight up from the edge of the rail. Bring your ball on the ring up against the edge of the chalk straight in line with the object ball and the diamond.

What you wind up with is an object ball on the table exactly one chalks witdth from the rail and a ball sitting on the rail whose inside edge is exactly one chalks width from the edge of the rail.

To shoot the shot aim directly at the ball sitting on the rail. Center ball medium speed no english. Watch the imaginary contact with the cue ball and the ball sitting on top of the rail. If you are not hitting that ball exactly center full on you will miss the shot. If you use side spin, top or bottom you will miss.

Once you can make it consistently with no english use the ball on the rail to sight your compensations for english. Top spin will widen the angle. Running english will also widen the angle. Speed will also change the angle. The steeper the incidence angle the more speed will affect it. People are already accustomed to sighting at a ball and if you are using ghost ball then you will have no problem seeing a ball on the rail.

Everyones atroke is different so how your english will alter this shot is different from mine. The center ball baseline should be the same for everyone. Just remember to pay attention to speed. This may be a subjective judgement but I believe that speed affects banks and kicks as much as english does. Calibrate your speed.

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I hope this helps ya'll win some games.