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01-15-2006, 07:57 PM
I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing an inexpensive, entry-level type carom cue to use for shooting eight ball. Robert Byrne emphasises that a cue should be very rigid as he demonstrates with his Schuler cue (Shuler also makes carom cues). Carom cues are very rigid due to their carom taper vs. the pro taper of most pool cues. Famous cuemaker Dennis Dieckman seems to prefer carom cues over pool cues (cuemaker.com). He recommends Helmstetter and Longoni for inexpensive, mass-produced carom cues. True wooden joints also seem to be well regarded which the Longoni carom cues have. Does anybody have any experience with or info about carom cues and know of any advantages or disadvantages to using one to shoot pool? Thanks.

01-15-2006, 11:09 PM
the cue Byrne demonstrates with is a carom taper I think. Not the most extreme, but stiff, especially for a pool cue. I have a schuler in the european taper and that is the one I think Byrne used. I have played pool with it, but have gone to other things. I have other carom cues with pool and billiard shafts as well. Overall, I don't think you gain a lot and would not get one if you just play pool. A couple reasons. You may not like it. A lot of people don't. I don't think you gain much. You also may find yourself putting undesired spin on the cueball with the small tip. If you are consistent and hit the cueball where you want, fine.

If I were you I would only consider cues with various shafts. Maybe get a schuler or layani with both pool and billiard shafts and see what you like. The kilby has the wood joint. Ron Kilby can make you a cue and different shafts for it as well. Don't get an entry level import carom cue that you can't call the cuemaker and get some different tapered shafts for. For me the carom cue idea didn't quite work for pool as well as I thought it might. But I have pool shafts as well for kilbys that work better for pool than the billiard taper IMO. The cue ends up being a little too short and the feel isn't quite right w/ the carom shafts. If I got to play billiards a lot I might just stick with the carom cue. Carom cues are really helpful for billiards. I wish billiards were available where I live. If you can play billiards where you live, try it, and you might not go back to 8 ball. It astounds me that millions of people want to play bar table 8 ball and nobody wants to play billiards. Sort of sad how the great game faded.