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06-30-2002, 04:07 AM
Below is a site I found when this board was down.

Welcome to trickshooter.com, where you can order The Trick Shot Screen Saver for your PC. It has over 40 trick and artistic pool shots and five soundtracks. We also offer FREE, on demand, pro pool matches on streaming video, an internet exclusive!

It currently has a 27 min match between Jim Rempe and Jose Parica.
Pool legends Jim Rempe and Jose Parica square off at Steve Mizerak's Senior Tour in Biloxi, Mississippi. Quarter-final, race to 10, winner breaks. (27 Minutes).

It has a 35 min match between:
Mario Cruz vs. Dennis Searing at the Florida Pro Open State Championship at Shootersville in Delray Beach. Final, race to 13, alternate breaks. (35 Minutes)

It has a match:
Johnny Archer vs. Buddy Hall at the Lucasi Open at Pro Billiards in Orlando, Florida. Final, Race to 15, winner breaks. (40 Minutes)

APA Team Nationals in Las Vegas. Highlights. (3 Minutes)

Luis Viera vs. Richie Richeson at the Southwest Florida Nine Ball Open at Art's Place in Naples. Semi-Final, Race to 11, winner breaks. (28 Minutes)

Buddy Hall vs. Jeremy Jones at the Lucasi Open at Pro Billiards in Orlando. One loss side semi-final, race to 9, winner breaks. (30 Minutes)

Hall of Famer Nick Varner takes on Charlie Williams at the Sunshine State One Pocket Circuit at Kiss Shot Billiards in Jupiter. Race to 4, alternate breaks. (30 Minutes)

Jeremy Jones vs. Johnny Archer at the Lucasi Open at Pro Billiards in Orlando. Winner's side semi-final, race to 9, winner breaks. (32 Minutes)

All these matches are free. But you need Real Player to view them. A while back my son had Real Player on the computer when he was downloading music. But it isn't on here since he switched to the newer windows xp I think. My son said not to bother with Real Player because it isn't worth it. So I can only view the first match. I click on the broadband view. But I can only watch in when the box is small. When I click on the square to enlarge that screen, it goes to a green blank screen and then I can't watch that one. Is that Real Player something you have to keep on paying for to keep updating it? Thanks.

06-30-2002, 04:58 AM
Eddie, I've gotten several versions of realplayer and never had to pay for it. The player is free but they try to sell you the fancier versions with extras included. Try this site:

http://forms.real.com/netzip/getrde5_new_look.html?h= tagtype=ie&type=dl

I don't have a fast enough connection to get videos that play well. So far I haven't seen streaming video that worked well enough to get a faster connection. There's no reason tournaments couldn't be show live on a subscription basis except that streaming video isn't good enough yet.

06-30-2002, 05:41 AM
Thanks Ken.
The other places I saw it wanted charge card info. I downloaded it. Now to use it I entered www.trickshooter.com (http://www.trickshooter.com) in the location box. And I'm watching a match now. But the picture part is a small square in the middle of the top section of the screen.
Is there a way to enlarge this viewing area?
And whenever I want to use it do I just have to enter the url in the loaction box?
Thanks again.

07-01-2002, 08:17 PM
Good call with the video matches site. I enjoyed watching some of them. Here is another link that also has videos: http://www.insidepool.com/cgi-bin/image/gallery.cgi , however they are not the whole match, but they show shots, and breaks from various players.

07-07-2002, 08:54 PM
Hit ctrl+2 or ctrl+3 to enlarge the video. I watch the videos with ctrl+3 (full screen). The reason they look crappy is because the author uploaded it that way so that it would take less time to download. It could be very clear, but it would take forever to download.