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01-22-2006, 01:41 PM
Hello everyone, I am new here to the forums. I just got my addition to my home built and am ready to fill it with a new pool table. I am a big internet researcher and love to read through forums to here real world people talk about things, not advertisers. Any input you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated!

After reading so far, I am pretty sure I want to go with Olhausen, and my taste is more-so of the contemporary flavor, so my first choice was the Olhausen Waterfall. What I am finding a pain is the 'no price on the internet' policy. When I check for local dealers, I only found one close to me, so I went there and got pricing. What I was hoping for, is that you guys could tell me if the pricing seems fair or not. For those of you that may sell tables on here, I dont expect you to say what you pay or anything, but please be honest on if the pricing is good or not. If any of you by chance have the same models, please share what you paid for it if you dont mind.

Well, the price I got for the Waterfall was $5995 and that is delivered and setup. Seemed like a very good price for the model, but I really dont have anything to compare to. HOWEVER, what really got me excited because I think it might be a good deal, is an 8ft Grand Champion they had on the floor. He said he would give me a sweet deal on the floor model which is brand new. It has the chrome package on it already and has dark charcoal felt. I configured it on Olhausens website, and it looks exactly like this:


He said that he would let it go for $3995 delivered and setup, which is $1000 less than he normally sells them for. Is that a good price? And that was his first and only offer. I dont know if he will bargain even further or not? Please give me some input so I can sleep well and know I made a good choice. Thanks everyone and take care!

01-22-2006, 09:01 PM
The guy will deal. Why does he want to sell something for less. Stay with the Waterfall. If the price is $5995,and you think its fair pay it. If you want to bend him around a little,ask him for a little flexability,because thats the table you want,but your a little short on cash,and you don't want more bills to pay. You might get a little off.

01-22-2006, 09:51 PM
Looks like a pretty good choice, its always a toss up between an eight and nine foot table. Only thing you may be disappointed in is the charcoal colored cloth. Dark is always harder to calculate and shoot on, for instance shooting 8-ball if you have a choice usually take high balls because solids are generally harder to pot. See if you can go with maybe a green, beige or lighter blue. Easier on the eyes and easier to shoot. In Willie's later days he prefered beige over any other color because of the easiness on the eyes.

01-23-2006, 06:31 AM
Thanks for the responses. The guy is selling it cheaper at $3995 because it is a floor model that has been sitting there for 8 months and he wants it out of there. It doesnt look like its ever been touched though. If he was to order one it would be $4995. As for the cloth, I am considering trying to bargain with him on new cloth, maybe Accu-Guard, or maybe even a new set of Aramith balls. Do you think he is at bottom price already, or does he have room to play more?

I wish it was the 9ft model, because I do have the room for it, but I dont know how much it would bother me to have the 8ft. I dont think it would be too bad, especially if I get it at a good price!

Thanks again for the responses! Take care!

01-24-2006, 09:58 PM
I bought a new Olhausen Monteray 9' 2 yrs ago. I got green Simonis 860 (extra $350) and got them to throw in a set of Brunswick Centennials free. I believe I cut them check for $5500 delivered and installed. The table plays fantastic. The pockets will help improve your game. They are pretty tight. Sometimes I quit playing because I'm so frustrated some shots don't go in (I want to beat them with a sledge hammer because balls juggle out...hahah never would though)....Enough of my crying I STILL LOVE the table

Like you, before I purchased the table, I did my research on the internet, tried playing on a few different tables, and finally narrowed it down to the table I purchased. I don't think I really gave any other tables a chance since my mind was set on the Monteray.

Since then, my skills have improved and recently joined an 8 and 9 ball team. Most play is on Valley bar boxes, but most of the private clubs have Crown Golds. Also, a good friend of mine just had a new 8' Diamond Arkansas installed in his home. I believe he paid around $4000 delivered and installed.

I am not trying to change your mind, just giving you my opinion. I would rather play on the Daimond or a Crown Gold (with decent rails and felt) than my Olhausen. I still believe Olhausen makes a quality table, I just like Brunswick and Diamond rails better. I really prefer Diamond.

I AM NOT SAYING Olhausen is a bad choice and I AM NOT disappointed with my purchase, but I would consider Diamond or a used Crown Gold would fit your budget at $4000 (if that's what it is).

The only sleep you'll lose over an Olhausen will be from playing on it till 3am.

How bout dem Stillers

01-26-2006, 09:49 AM
For some reason, I am just not really wanting to go with a used table and possibly deal with a bad seller that is hiding something, because I really wouldnt know what to look for. I hear more mixed opinions on the Brunswicks than I do the Olhausens, but thats not too big a deal. Diamonds seem to get excellent praise, but are harder to find.

I posted this same thread on multiple forums, and I am getting mixed opinions on whether or not it is a good deal, but more-so leaning towards that it is. It seems that the price on the Waterfall is a better deal the the Grand Champ is, but I dont know if I want to spend that much. If I went with the Grand Champ, I would ask him to refelt it in the lighter grey color using the newer Accu-Guard felt, and also throw in a set of Aramith Super Pro balls to seal the deal. I think the 8ft table may be ok, and my frame of thinking is that it is right in the middle. So, if I play on a 7ft bar table or a 9ft tournament table, I should do ok on either because I will be used to being right there in the middle as opposed to learning on the 9ft and then playing on the 7ft. I played on an 8ft table last night and its not bad at all. I do NOT plan on playing professionally or in tournaments, I really just want to have fun with it and be able to practice more often for when I go out with friends and play for fun. Just for reference, the room that it will be going in is 20x23. I wouldnt mind having that little extra room around the edges also. So, I may just go ahead and go with it if he will throw in the re-felt and balls. Thanks again everyone!

01-26-2006, 10:50 PM
If you like Olhausen, You should consider getting a Champion Pro 9ft, which is a competition model table, this table is excellent looking and I have seen it used alot on the televised tournaments. I believe you can get a new one delivered and set up for under 5000 dollars. I also loved the Brunswick Centennial and the Diamond tables that were used at the U.S. Open. Good luck!!!!