View Full Version : 14.1 scoring - Straight Pool for Texans

01-23-2006, 06:53 AM
This is for the person, to remain unnamed, that woke me this weekend out of a good sleep from a bout of influenza to clarify the way balls are counted in straight pool.

They believed that given the rules that were being played in Louisville, that the players were being cheated by a ball per rack in their counts when they were running racks. I sleepily said, "No, Young Bob Jewett was keeping score properly. I'll explain it in the morning." It is now morning.

They may count differently in Texas, but each rack on the table contains 14 balls plus the break ball (thusly called 14.1 continuous). As this break ball is left on the table each time (unless you accidently or on purpose carry the break ball in on your key shot) the maximum you can pocket on a score between racking is 14 points. Now, that will make the score 14 to nothing at the end of the first rack (after the balls are racked but before being broken out), 28 to nothing after the second rack and 42 to nothing after the third and so on and so on.

Your confusion may come from the fact you believe that you have, indeed, sunk 15 balls during each rack, therefore your belief that the scores would be 14,29,44, ect. I can assure you this is not something overlooked, it is just the way the racks fall with only 14 avaliable before racking. It has been this way since I was a wee lad anyway.

still a little under the weather....