View Full Version : Iran and the stick

01-25-2006, 01:09 PM
The U.S. is talking military action as an option on the table to prevent Iran from developing nuclear power for the countries electrical needs. Russia,and China are working towards a diplomatic solutuion,and Iran has made some gestures,that the Russian proposal has potential. In the meantime India is being informed that unless they do as the U.S. says, the present agreements we have with India might abandoned. I think its time the U.S. stops the saber waving,when we don't even have a stick,and start looking for solutions without threats of military action. We are getting no where in Iraq,China is working with North Korea,without the evil axis rhetoric,South America is being ignored,except when the U.S. is attacked by some one like Morales,the new President of Bolivia. Military force is no longer a viable tool to move Countries to positions we deem to be right:if history teaches any thing,it is most Empires went bankrupt trying to do so.