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01-28-2006, 12:25 PM
Just to let you know I don't always win, I went to a tournament last night and lost my first two games and was out of the tournament!

The reason I lost was this was a new tournament to me (did not know any of the players) and I had my "defense" turned off when it should have been on full force. I noticed that all the players in the tournament were playing an excessive amount of defensive shots, so this should have been a clue. (That if you give them a shot, they will get you!)

When I play lesser skilled players, I win with a mostly offensive game and if I use too many defensive shots, they get ticked - They will warn me that I will be booted me out of the tournament if I do this too much.

When I play a bunch of sharks, I can win with a defensive game if I don't mess up and give them a shot. And defensive shots are the rule at these tournaments. (Even though some of these tournaments have "no safety rules".)

So now I can't wait to go back to that tournament where I couldn't win one game...

01-28-2006, 01:40 PM
Right on Billy Bob, I dragged a friend and a teammate to a tournament that I go to occasionaly on thursday. There's always top notch players there and I don't usually get past the 3 or 4th round, but once in a while I'm in the money. This was thier first time at this tournament and my teammate did well, actually so did my friend, we all made it past the first round with out going to the B side, my teammate got a bye to the second round then won his next match. Anyways, we all played well.

Afterwards he says to me, no wonder you've gotten better over the last year playing these guys all the time.

We're going to try get our team out to this tournament on a regular basis for the experience. (good luck maybe 1 or 2 of our teammates might go for it the others play thier one night on league nights and thats about it.)

Anyways, I found that's the best way to step your game up. Show up where you're outclassed and take your lumps.


01-28-2006, 01:46 PM
Where do you play? At a bar (no wonder) or at a Poolroom.
No Poolroom I know uses antiquanted bar room rules anymore,
they use game rules or league rules when playing. No safeties,
bullshit, that is part of the game. And yes, I can shoot a safety, and say, "Oops, I missed" if I have to. Do they play
ball in hand rules? As far as lessor players when playing in a handicapped tournament, I like to show them what they DON'T
KNOW. The object is to WIN THE GAME, whether it takes offense or defense, or as I like to say, 'Play for the Game, not the shot'. A lessor player only beats a better player with GOOD DEFENSE. Why? Because when a better player is hooked, he does not HAVE total control of the situation, whether he has to jump or kick at his ball, and that in turn increases you
chances to win the game. Winning is about making good decisions during the game or match, not just shooting halfway decent.

01-28-2006, 06:36 PM
No safties rule is bullshit. This seems like it would only help the speed of the game so you wouldn't be there all night. I am one of the lesser skilled players that when plays solid defense, usaully pisses off someone in the first round. I'm an average 4 (APA) or a weak C. I hear them say, this kid is terrible, I would beat him 10 times out of 10. This usually comes from the players in their late 20's early 30's. There are a few that are actually cool. Sometimes I go 2 and out, but I usaually manage to win the first and go 2 and out on the B side. Well, that is exactly my goal. Each week I wanna go a round further on the A side before I lose. Most of the competition are A's and some B's. I'm the worst one every time I go. I understand the game, just do not have the skills to execute yet. But there are no other tournaments in the area where lesser skilled players like myself would go to. I guess the lesser skilled players just stick to league play and don't really care much about being 'dead money' on Sundays.

Most of the older players (40+) are beginning to get used to me and are even helping me out now. After the match, they'll make comments on a few mistakes I made. Most all say I play pretty good defense, I just need to continue to play and work on my q ball control. They all say I have the potential to be a strong player, I just need to stick with it. Anyway, I have made a few friends with these guys though.

01-29-2006, 01:53 AM
You mean there are actually places that won't allow safeties??? I'm from the UK and I find that bizarre and ridiculous.

As someone pointed out above, it's about winning the game and to do that you need to display competence in both offensive and defensive play.

If I was told no safeties, I would unscrew my cue without further ado (and I'm primarily an offensive player). It's like telling a golfer he's not allowed to lay up.

01-29-2006, 10:28 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Snapshot9:</font><hr> Where do you play?...<hr /></blockquote>

I live in a rural area, and there are many small towns around and a few small cities further away. Portland, OR (big city) is a 2 hour drive, so quite tiring to drive 2 hours, play till midnight, then another 2 hours home, although I have done it.

So anyway all of the tournaments nearby are in bars on 7 ft. tables. And I am happy playing in these tournaments.

The rules vary quite a bit from BCA or BCA like rules, to all different sorts of different bar rules. Some places are consistent with their rules, others will change them frequently to be sure the locals have an advantage.

So I'm frequently asking what the rules are "today" at some places.

And the players vary from beginner, to banger, intermediate, to pro. The BCA rules tournaments have the very best players. The totally bar rules tournaments have the worst players.

I don't care to play in one totally bar rules tournament because it is sort of like an "E" (worse than "D") players only tournament. There is just little or competition for myself. But they want me to play in this tournament for some reason? I can leave position for my next shot and most of the other players can not, so I don't think it is very fair for me to play in that tournament.

There are other tournaments in the cities with BCA rules and excellent players. They have a few pro players show up sometimes. When playing these, I'm happy to win just one game! Every game is a battle royal. I think I came in 8th once (just short of in the money) and was quite happy with that.

So I make do with what is available in my area.