View Full Version : Change of Course/IPT

01-29-2006, 06:14 AM
I am starting to think more about what KT has created, and in doing so realized how good of a move it was for pool, and I am NOT talking about the MONEY. I will give you some of my basic thoughts on this matter, also wondering what your perspective is. By playing 8 Ball, obviously every living USA human watching it on TV conceptualizes what it is, that makes it simple, plus KT can could use 2 ball colors therefore making programming more realistic for TV. On another level it takes away the game from the great shotmakers/and luck (9ball) out there and gives it back to the sport where an incredible amount of knowlege of the game must be realized. I know the older American players that have played 14.1 and European snooker players will do exceptionally well at this venue, and KT may get all the European great players aboard quickly. I look at the sport and KNOW 8 Ball is such a good mix of all aspects of the game. If you don't have that knowlege, it will be extremely difficult to be the best. Also a players physical preparation has to be much better due to the amount of mental effort needed to manage 8 ball especially in the losers bracket. I don't see allot of players in 8 Ball catching a gear like 9 Ball, just being smarter, more creative, better managed and in much better physical shape. KT your pretty frikin' Right ON with this move.

01-29-2006, 12:21 PM
Most people I know play 8-ball. I bet of the players that play at least once a week, 8 ball players outnumber the 9ball players 3-1. Maybe there will be a larger audience for 8-ball, time will tell. I'm really looking forward to seeing it on T.V. Like you said, it's hard to see the balls so I hope something can be done to improve this. I also would like to see some pros play on a 7' table, this probably won't happen tho'. I hope the IPT is successful, I think he said he would give it a full 2 years to see if he can make money on it. It would be great to see more people watching pool on T.V. and more young people taking up the game.