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02-07-2006, 02:47 PM
From seemingly unrelated data, can you determine the correct answer?

1)....From a story printed in the SF Chronicle a few years back
A woman driving a Mercedes, and talking on her cell phone, is making a right hand turn, onto Army St. A blind man is crossing Army St. with the light......and being in her path, she begins blowing the horn for him to hurry up.
Based on the facts, in the last election, would she have voted
A) Republican
B) Democrat
C) Libertarian

2) After attending a meeting of the local right-wing Bund,
three out-of-town visitors, three men, are approached by a homeless woman, pushing a WalMart cart...who asks them for money (any resemblance between any regular posters here, is purely coincidental)
Based on the social mores of their respective home states,
Fla,Ala, NC....can you predict which one would
A) become outraged by the stolen Wal Mart cart, and make a
citizen's arrest.
B) steal the cart from her
C) lecture her on the outrageous demands of labor, that have placed her in this situation.

3) On seeing the folded American flag in her cart, the symbol that she has lost her husband in the war, they would be thinking:
A) He died for a good cause
B) How much does it cost to train a replacement?
C) Hope she's not eligible for welfare
D) All of the above

4) The men are discussing the topics brought up in the Bund meeting. would the tone of the conversation, resemble that of
A) Ted Bundy
B) Al Bundy
C) Archie Bunker

5) N.O. can be rebuilt, unless we have
A)a Democratic Governor/Republican President
B)a Republican Governor/Republican President
C)a Democratic Governor/Democratic President
D) Republican Governor/Democratic President

6) If funding to rebuild N.O. is approved, which of
the folling would be true
A) it can be financed by another tax cut
B) The amount of Pork, will exceed the size
of the pork barrels
C) Haliburton will be the winning bidder,
in the no bid contracts let out.
Did I say Bund?....I meant , Extremist, Right wing,
Ruling class, Organization, of Red States...or E.R.R.O.R.S
as they are known

02-08-2006, 07:32 AM
Wolfdancer Thanks for showing me the error of my thinking. I am a sucker for poeple pushing carts[even tho I could return it and collect a reward] I always give them my returnable bottles. In fact when walking I pick them up and save them for the 88 year old lady who walks the streets rain or shine,snow or ice.

I can't walk by a street musician without putting money in the basket. Now that I travel by Bus I give the baggage handlers a lotto ticket hoping someday I will make an Instant Republican.####