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02-10-2006, 08:56 PM
While Brown is now claiming that he notified the White house, and the Reb. are saying he's trying to shift the blame....one thing from the Yahoo article kind of stands out.
10,000 mobile homes now sit empty in Hope, Ark. while Katrina victims sleep in tents.
What are the chances after a few more months, that they won't be vandalized, stripped of their appliances, uninhabitable?......and another $6mil, earmarked to put them on paved ground, instead of the "field" they now sit in.
Arkansas humane contributions, for getting this economic windfall....is to target the truckers, that deliver them, extracting fines for
"getting stuck at night"?
If it all wasn't so sad, it would be laughable....

Gayle in MD
02-11-2006, 08:32 AM
Hi Jack,
If you missed the hearings this week, with Michael Brown, and the so called bi-partisan committee investigating what went wrong, (Katrina) and what is needed to insure that Americans at risk from natural disasters, or terrorist related disasters, fire up your VCR and see if you can catch it over the weekend. C-Span will probably re-run it. It becomes very clear watching and listening to Brown, that the administration used him as their scape goat.

The Bush administration apparently decided not to take their usual stand, executive privelidge, to block Brown's initial testimony, and his personal documentation on how things went down, fearing public outcry, atleast, on the first day of testimony, but instead, used the republican members to discredit Brown's testimoney, and continue to use him as a scape goat as they continue to help Bush try to wiggle out of acknowledging another failure to respond appropriately, and in a timely fashion, to a national disaster, this time, Katrina. DHS's disregard for the victims of Katrina, and Bush's or so poor judgment, to merge FEMA with the DHS, became increasingly clear as the hearings progressed.

It was without a doubt, a disgrace, watching those republicans on the panel, with little or no interest in investigating what went wrong, or to make an effort to learn how to better protect Americans in the future, but instead, they attacked Brown, and worked to take the fault off Bush, and place it completely on Brown, who had ordered not one, but two investigations, out of frustration with the administration, and Chertoff, for disregarding his requests for help in solving the bearucratic problems associated with lack of proper funding, and communication between FEMA and DHS.

After lsitening to Brown's side of the story, there is no question, in my mind, that the merging of FEMA into the Dept. Of Homeland Security, was a huge mistake. Brown actually had called in an independent company to assess the effectivness of FEMA long before the hurricane, so frustrated was he by the deaf ear from DHS to his repeated requests for funding and better lines of communication. He had been rebuffed by DHS over and over, and had developed a policy of going directly to the White House in the face of natural disasters after Ridge's tenure. Once Ridge was gone, and Chertoff had replaced him, although the situation became even worse, and more dangerous with Chernoff in place, the White House began to recieve his calls and requests, during disasters, a scenario which says was abandoned by the administration when Chertoff decided that all FEMA related decisions must go through the DHS, therefore through him, Chertoff. Brown testified, that going to Chertoff, was not at all constructive. Ridge, on the other hand, had a policy of giving Brown the decision making power, and staying out of his way during his handling of the hurricanes in Florida, for example, when Brown had no problems handling the aftermath of hurricanes.

His documentqation proves that once again the White House (Bush) has lied about what Bush knew and when he knew it. Having made the statement that they didn't know that the levee system was breached until much later than when they actually knew, statements which have now been proven false, through the documentation of e-mails, and digital films sent through his cell phone.

The result of all this is that since the truth is rearing it's ugly head, republicans, (Under Bush's orders I'm sure) are forcing the rest of the hearings into the back room, away from the camera, in order to once again hide their completely inefficient handling of the tragedy, and the failure of the White House, (Bush) to give a good $**T about Americans drowning and dying of exposure and dehydration, a tactic for which the overt/covert republican party is now famous. I suppose they don't think it would be good for their party, with elections coming up and all, for the public to become too aware of the fact that Americans were dying, while Bush was traveling, having lavish dinners while fund raising, or chopping wood on the farm, too busy to turn on the television, hence, aids had to supply him with a news video enroute to the Gulf Coast, when he finally decided to go and take a peak from AF 1, at the tragic stiuation along the coast, and Chernoff was traveling, looking into the Bird Flue, something that just might happen some day.

I find it amazing that a president who uses National Security, and Protecting Americans, over and over to justify breaking the law, starting wars on lies, and covering up illegal wire taps, all in the name of public safety, doesn't bother to turn the television on in the midst of the worst national disaster in the history of this country, which he KNEW was coming for five days!

No wonder his approval rating is only at forty percent, and sliding as we speak!

Gayle in Md.

02-11-2006, 01:04 PM
Gayle, i did catch some of the hearings, and thought at the time...the Dems seemed to be trying to figure out what went wrong..while the Repubs seemed intent on laying and limiting the blame on Mr. Brown's failure to notify both the DHS and white House, in a timely fashion.
Bottom line though,IMHO, there was a total breakdown in communications between the various agencies, between the city/state/feds.
The total ineptness of the people that were supposed to be in charge, compounded the tragedy. That includes the Gov, and N.O. Mayor.
But, it's now months since Katrina......people are homeless, and without funds, others will soon be as FEMA cuts off aid.
There seems to be no coordinated plan to make use of these trailors....It seems they can't be brought into N.O.and with $6mil slated to pave the grounds, it seems they are just destined to be parked there.
It would be folly to move 10,000 families into that area.

I believe the trailors will soon become a white elephant.................
the symbol of the Republican Party.
The origin of the Republican name by the way is:
"The party founders adopted the name "Republican" to indicate it was the carrier of "republican" beliefs about civic virtue, and opposition to aristocracy and corruption."
I guess somewhere along the way, "opposition " was replaced by "propensity".

Gayle in MD
02-11-2006, 07:21 PM
LOL, definately! /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Gayle in Md.