View Full Version : FEMA to spend 6 - 7 million on GRAVEL

Gayle in MD
02-16-2006, 07:00 AM
Now this is just too funny, FEMA will spend an additional 6 to 7 million on gravel, to prop up trailors they bought before they had a place to put them. Although new reports say that there are not as many damaged trailors as originally thought, 6 to 7 million dollars will in gravel bought and brought to Arkansas, that doesn't include the cost of lifting the trailors, to spread the gravel, over an area of soft earth, or the cost of the Jacks, which will have to be used to stabelize them.

Once that is done, hopefully, they can sell most of the trailors, since they bought way too many, and they do not meet safety requirements in the first place, IOW, they can never be used in a flood plain, read New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Add to that the cost of eventually relocating them, and putting in water, and electric, leasing the land, and pouring the concrete on which they must be placed. Hmmmmm, wonder what that figure will finally come up to for the whole deal? Now, they say they are probably going to have to unload them at a discount price, since they bought too many in the first place.

Gee, I wonder how many low income Condos could have been built with all this money, which for the most part, is wasted money....

Or maybe, mobile homes could have been pruchased, the kind with wheels, since we don't know what areas the hurricanes will favor, but we do know that the gulf states are in the top ten most often hit by hurricanes.

One would think that the Geico Gecho's twin brother, AKA, Chertoff, might have learned a lesson about preparedness before he bought 11,000 trailors, stored them in a flood plain, and now doesn't have enough families to fill them up, nor a clue of where to put them, that is if they ever arrive in a place where anyone can actually live in them.

More waste of our money, but hey, Republicans don't care about spending money anyway, right?

Gayle in Md