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07-02-2002, 01:10 PM
I played in my 6th tournament Mon. Mon is the open one with the better players. I was practicing before it started as usual. Someone asks if I want to shoot. I say I'm just practicing for the tournament. He ask's is the table time free. Yes if you are in the tournament. He says ok, I'll play. How much do you usually play for. Race to 3 for $5 or $10. Embarrased I say I usually just practice. But I'll go to 3 for $5. Just from his presence I know he's better then me. But who isn't? Then he sort of misses some shots, I know he could make, but leaves me safe. I end up kicking in the 5 and running out. He knows I was just trying to hit the ball to avoid bih. He says nice shot. Anyway he beats me 3-2. But I'm thinking he probably could have beat me 3-0 if he really wanted to. I say that's all for me. I just want to keep practicing. You can stay if you want to just practice for free.

He goes to the next table and I hear the same lines from him. But this guy doesn't play him for money. So he finishes the 1 free game and goes to another. Now I'm felling like a jerk. Not for losing $5. Not for playing someone I know was better then me. But for not just telling him direct I didn't want to play for money. So this will be a no-no before tournaments from now on. Later about 1:30 am I congratulate him after he wins the tournament. But he just sort of ignores me. He was Jason Kirkwood with an 11-1 handicap. Now he goes to 11-2. If I draw him next week I can beat him if I can get in a practice session. LOL. I like to keep a positive attitude.
There's a little buzz because he is one of the 3 that came tonight. Some say they just come to steal the tournament for the easy money. The tournament starts and I play John Rawski who's a 10. He's one of the 3 they were talking about. High point for me. I win the flip. I break and make nothing and he runs the table. He breaks, makes nothing and I'm frozen. I miss and he runs the table. I've seen him someplace before. He look big when he's shooting. Very deliberate in take his stance, practice shots and then shooting. He breaks again, makes nothing and leaves me frozen. I miss and he runs the table. Same thing again but I wasn't frozen. I'm down 0-4. I say somehow I'm going to win 1 game against you. Next rack I get a second shot. I think I made the 3, 4 & 5 and then he finishes the table. But I like playing him. And he did display class in my opinon. He congratulated me when I made the second ball which was a difficult bank that could just fit. And earlier after my 3rd attempt to hit the 1 ball after being froze the 3rd consecutive time, he gets out of his seat and says you know you can roll out on the first shot instead of always trying to hit the 1 ball. I said thanks. I know about that rule but I forgot about it. Anyway. John beats me 10-0. The worts beating of my life. Next time I won't permit myself to start thinking about winning 1 game. I wasn't thinking just win 1 game. I was thinking win 1 game. And then go from there. I think he ran about 7 racks against me. But I had a shot almost every rack. Once or twice he made something on the break and ran out. One rack he got to the 8 and left me froze playing safe. Even if I would have been able to see the 8 it still would have been a very difficult bank. I luckily hit the 8 and leave him nothing. Again he freezes me with just the two balls on the table. He was really playing good. I didn't make 10 balls total in the 10 games. And I watched Lanny Charles, a 10-1. He was the 3rd player they were talking about. He is an instructor, a phycologist, a physotheraphists, and gives individual and group lessons. He was off his game. I watch him play a girl who is a 4. And she gave him all he could handle. But there were about 5 games where she got 3, 4 or maybe 5 shots in a rack. But usually he wasn't leaving her too much. I'm told she plays in all the tournaments she can. I guess she's been playing less then a year. All you women out there. Especially Karatemom. Her and you are the kind of a woman player that can scare your opponet. Some complain how can she be a 4. But even good opponets like Lanny feel pressure when playing someone like that. And I believe when that someone like that is a woman, just adds to their pressure. Take advantage of that.

Later I watched some good pool. Lanny played Arturro who is another 10. There pre match talking took me back to my high school days. They were setting up their 1 pocket match. Afrguing about 10-8 or 11-9. Arturro said I can only play once a week on Sat. Lanny says today is Mon and your playing. Only becasue I didn't have work today. Arturro says you played on the pro circuit or something like that. Finally Lanny says 10-8 and you can spot a ball. Arturro says game. Let's play. Arturro breaks. Then he gets to take any ball on the table and move it to the spot or headstring before Lanny shoots. I saw a few good games. But then someone wanted me to shoot. And I turned him down the week before because I had to leave. And he is always by himself. So we practiced about an hour and then he quit and left. And I watch a little more until about 3:00 and left. When I was leaving I felt like I was back in time. Back to my high school days.

Lanny was friendly and were talked a little between his matches. But when he was playing a match or Arturro, I would hear him curse and see him grimmace while his opponet was shooting or when Lanny missed a shot or position. This surprised me with that phycotheraphist, psycologists and group sports guidance etc listed on his flyer on the pool room's board. I liked him. He's a good player. He often would angle his cue above the table lining up his next or maybe a 3rd upcoming shot. But he also seemed like just a regular person like us. Even when I can afford it, I don't think I would take lessons from him. He's probably a good instructor. But I don't see anything about making vhs tapes for students. And someone said they never heard of him doing that. But they probably wouldn't know. He may be an excellent instuctor. And I did like him. I don't want this to be taken as a negative against him.

You are all probably thinking I should just stop wasting my time and give up pool for another 20 or 30 years. But none of this bothered me tonight. If I can make it next Mon this will inspire me to want to win even more. I would like to play someone who was playing about how Lanny did against that girl with the 4 handicap. It would be nice to play someone that good again. And this time get a few more chances or shots. What I didn't like was it felt like I never even got to play today. That is after playing 4 opponets last Thur. When I lose this fast sometimes it feels like I'm just wasting my time and money. Maybe I'll have to start playing some of these younger players that are about 6s, for a little money as they will play for. That's how I always liked to play when I was in high school. We would start a game and sometimes play until closing. But right now I can't afford to just give away $25 or more to practice with someone. And it's been very difficult just getting to play 1 or 2 tournaments a week or maybe just 1 practice session a week. Any thoughts are or advice is welcomed. I mentioned all those names because some of you probably know them or heard of them. Maybe some of you know how good of a teacher Lanny Charles is. I just wish I would have come back to pool about 5 years ago when I was working and didn't have all these legal problems and medical problems. But these just slow down my return.

07-02-2002, 05:28 PM
Thanks Eddie keep on rambling.