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07-03-2002, 05:14 AM
I finally squeezed in about a 3 hour practice session. I was so tired I quit 1/2 before the specail time was up. I brought along my old 65 Brunswick Medalists that I played with from 65 to 70. In 70 I think the shaft got cracked. I think my dad crazy glued it back together. And he put the joint back on. The joint is uneven and doesn't line up correctly. And the shaft is warped. I thought for sure it would fall apart.

I couldn't believe that when I started using it I was making balls. I was shooting about as good as with my current Lucasi which is 2 months new. I immediately liked the old thicker butt. It is 4 1/2" when I wrap a tape measure around it compared to 4" for my new Lucasi and old 81 Viking. Are there any playability reasons for not making the thicker butts any more. Or is it all or mostly just due to cost? It doesn't fit into my cases. Would it be really stupid to try to have a thicker 4 1/2" butt made if I ever do get a custom made cue?

Near the end of my practice I was shooting 10 racks of 15 balls. About the last 3 racks I started shooting off again. Before this I was shooting ok. This is the same thing I mentioned a couple weeks ago in a post. I don't know if I start aiming differently or what just what I'm doing wrong. After I shoot a shot, it's like I aimed at the contact spot instead of through it. I start not hitting the balls full enough. Especially on the long cut shots. Then I seem to have trouble aiming everything. Even the short shots. Maybe it's something I'm doing with my stroke. Maybe something with my wrist. I finished those last few racks and was still having trouble. Then I miseed a long cut shot. I set it up and missed it about 3 or 4 times. I set it up and moved my glasses again. Then I concentrated on looking from the object ball to the pocket. I smacked it and stopped the cue dead. And I watch it pop into the pocket dead center. And I quit right then. I probably should have waited until I made the shot at least a few more times. But I guess I didn't have enough confidence to keep trying.

07-03-2002, 05:20 AM
Good morning:

My practice sessions, days which have been specifically scheduled for drills and regimented practice, last a minimum of Eight (8) hours. Periodically, while doing the drills have I have developed and have been incorporating into my "Drill Book", I will either break a rack or Two (2) or just scatter the balls and pocket them randomly. The more frequently I perform certain shots, working through my "Drill Book", the more automatic they become. Shooting racks is "OK" however, a structured regimen will work better in the long run.

Dr. D.

07-03-2002, 05:29 AM
The 2 biggest reasons that todays Qs are thinner are that;

1) thicker butted Qs dont fit in todays cases, especially the "tube" type.
2) Thinner butts fit the majority of hands more comfortably.

If you felt more comfortable with your old Q, it probably is because of the taper on the shaft & it's heavier or lighter than your new one...JER