View Full Version : Reinstall Or Not Reinstall, That Is The Question?"

03-09-2006, 10:59 AM
I'm pondering whether I might not reinstall my home table and wanted comments from anyone who possibly has gone through having a table for a duration of time, and then chose to mothball it. It has been down for a month+ following a carpet job, and would go back into my living room where it was before, but having the LR is kind of nice, and the lack of having the table for use has not apparently hurt my game except for some specialty shots I miss from time to time. The thought has also crossed my mind to sell it and wait for a nine footer deal, thinking it might be an easier relocation for the buyer to have it packed away, but that's a secondary idea Spiderman suggested to me.

Mainly though, the TV room is a new feeling without the table. Thoughts???sid